Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Music Bank Encore 2009.11.20 by clear0606

Leader was very quiet today during the award announcement. Never seen him smiling but standing so 'cool' beside the other 4 member who were so excited. He was not even giving any thank you speech. Why hur?

Thanks 고사리빵 @ SS601 for posting these photographs from clear0606, at least I can confirm that he was happy too, just that don't know why on screen he looked so 'cool'. ^_^


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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Leader is sooo damn handsome!!

Anonymous said...

to me he just loojed really nervous. I think he wanted he award as much as the rest...

Panda Brenda said...

muahahha.. becoz he thinking why I don't have flowers...
4D 4D...gotta think this way..

Mini UFO said...

Oh.... maybe maybe... no wonder JungMin quickly pass him the flowers later. LOL... you have good explaination of his behaviour. LOL....

Anonymous said...

i think he was being v v sweet and giving a chance to his dongsaengs to speak ^-^ and he was busy bowing to all the other groups, extremely responsible, polite and humble as the SS501 leader, wuri hyun joong!! ^-^
in baidu forum, they also have a whole thread dedicated to talking about how he was giving 90 degree bows even to the juniors.
so cool boy!! hee

saranghaeKHJoong said...

love his outfit, he looked so handsome and gorgeous as usual.

haha probably in his 4D world - he was so low-key and "seem" lost,
i was totally amused by his action and behaviour.
so touched and nice to see that he is really who he say he is in FO - he bows, he is so humble and polite! what a nice guy! so proud of him.

i was feeling abit emo watching him yesterday, but looking at these pictures of him happy and all smiley, lifted my spirit again! kamsaehmnida.

ps: he looked simply fantastic in purple blazers on music core today!
all smiley too! love love.

davina said...

I do think like Anoymous 2:18PM. He's sweet and cute. Love his sincere smile and fresh look (baby face) . He's done at his best of a Leader here.
Thanks for sharing!