Sunday, November 15, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Persona Shanghai by MurdererQ

Thanks LHL for all the links to the photographs. You must have seen that I am late in posting them right? Yah.... I am very slow this time, am having a headache again. Recently I have been having headache quite often. Guess I need to sleep more.... ^^

Was actually reading some fans accounts and doing the translation and romanization for Friends, and it took up some of my time. I am back. To post all these beautiful photographs. My blogger account is using up soon, it is now at 73%, only left few hundred Megabytes to store photographs. It is just 3.5 months and it has already hit the level, I wonder how long more will it last? 1 more month? So the lifetime of this blog will be.... 5 months?

Thanks MurdererQ for sharing all these beautiful pictures to us. She is really good and capture the best moment everytime.


Credit: MurdererQ
Please repost with full credit
Please do not hotlink & re-edit photographs


ss501hwaiting said...

does anyone know is kim hyun joong or any of the SS501 members has cyworld? and if they do, can you please give me the link? =)..thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

i know kyujong dun have one becoz in kje chocolate he mentioned that he had to use the manager's account