Thursday, November 19, 2009

[Video] 2009.11.18 Interview with Kim SuJung regarding bobo from Kim Hyun Joong during Style Icon Award 2009 + Text translation

Saw this video from SS601, the title mentioned something about Kim Hyun Joong misundertanding.... so does he misunderstood Kim SuJung's request for bobo?

Thanks SaengiePB for dropping a mail to me with translation of the interview. I have a good laugh over it before being able to control myself to post this. ROFL.... Leader.... what exactly are you thinking when kissing this cute cute little girl....??!! I guess such thing would only happen to our 'World Universe One and Only 4D' leader! Thanks a BILLION to SaengiePB for the translation!


Credit: 미니민@SS601
Please repost with full credit

2009.11.18 Interview with Kim SuJong regarding bobo from Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: (English translation) SaengiePB
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

The video was talking about the kiss that she asked from Hyun Joong and made everyone surprised and blah blah blah...

Then the producer decided to pay the girl a visit and interview her..

Girl: I say a kiss on the cheek but it's using my lips. But Hyun Joong misunderstood it to kiss on the lips again.
Caption: I want to kiss Oppa with my lips.
Caption: What? KIss on the lips also.

Girl: People asked "Do you know how loud did this Oppa's fans are screaming."
PD: I'm also asking for a kiss, so when will it be.
Girl: don't want, and you're not stylish at all.
PD: why? why not?
Girl: He's ugly, everyone!
PD: Su Jung, how, postpone it?
Girl: It's the truth!
Caption: Photo: Person in charge PD


Anonymous said...

woah, the kid looks much younger in this vid. so whose mistake was it?

helen said...

You really know us SS501 fans so well and indeed get us all of their information the quickest. I love you so much and I sincerely hope this blog will last forever. Please do not stop your blog. Fighting.

DannyDan02 said...

aaaaawwwwww!!! don't understand a single word!!! but that's a really cute little girl^^'.....on the other side...the woman's face XD

yufen82 said...

read fr soompi by finkle88:

The interview of the little child actress whom Leader kissed.. apparently is a misunderstanding, she wanted to kiss him on the cheek but he thought she wanted a kiss on the lips


saranghaeKHJoong said...

thank for sharing,
haha i think she didnt mind the misunderstanding!

probably a blessing in disguise.
wow to be peck on the lips by KimHyunJoong oppa..
she is the envy of many fluttering hearts, i am sure!

i really loved it when she announced his name at the award ceremony, with her sweet voice and the joy shown on her face.

such a cutie pie!

Mini UFO said...

Nod Nod Nod.... I agree with u saranghaeKHJoong.... she is soooo sweet, you just can't blame or hate her. :D

But I really LOL his misunderstanding.... whaaat was he really thinking at that moment? I guess he was panic, AS USUAL.... :D

Who else can create so much attention juuuust by receiving an award? WHO? I guess only our world universe one and only 4D leader! ^_~

Fellyz said...

this litte girl is sooooo cuteeeeee
So Leader misunderstood her intention, really.. this thing only happened to our 4D leader

DannyDan02 said...

aaww!! so lucky her!! she now can said that her first kiss was given by HJL !! WOW!! cute!! and the :**you're not stylish at all** XD

pipay said...

hehehehehhehe :)cute

All for 규 ♥ said...

awww..this is really funny!!!
So it's hyunjoong who misunderstood the girl! :P


marydewitt said...

LOL Alien Mind, but she cant say no to Leader too...Nice mistake...

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLL, Leader is soo funny! I can't believe he misunderstood the little girl. But it's okay that's how leader is =] He's always in his 4D world! That's what makes him soo different and cute!

marge0256 said...

I agree with you saranghaeKHJoong and cagali. The little girl is too cute to hate :)

Also, I agree with the fact that leader panics in times like these. But it's just too adorable. 4D leader is love :) that's what makes him Kim Hyun Joong :D

Thanks for sharing this!

Luv_Mal said...

reena29lim has subbed seti epi 13. (:

wen0607 said...

Cagali, dun mind I repost this with full credit to my blog ^^ Always thanks for sharing...... hahaha:D
I got to control myself from laughing.... if not, my colleagues will think I'm crazy... :P

Anonymous said...

what did leader think at that moment, must be becoz of watching too many porn stuff :p
uri 4D leader FTW, yay!
and he stole that kid's first kiss >.< not that she mind i think.
ah the child was also cute, acting shy when the PD asked for a kiss