Friday, October 02, 2009

Chuseok Greeting from Hyun Joong Leader

Our sweet leader leave a Chuseok Greetings in the newspaper for the TripleS again! He has never ceased to impressed me so far! I really really admired him for all this small and little acts of care and love towards the TripleS. Aren't we proud and lucky to have such a great leader? I am!


SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska@hyunjoongchina + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

Message from leader:

The warm Chuseok Festival is coming soon,

wish all fans' family will be filled with happiness and laughters.
After returning from Japan,
I have been busy preparing for the new album.
Due to my health problem, causing everybody to worry.
I will definitely meet everybody on the magnificent stage again!

Another version translated by XiaoChu from Quainte:
Credit: XiaoChu@Quiante501

The happy Chuseok Festival that you can
share the warm affections with is here.

I wish for each and every fans’ household
to have times filled with laughter.

Since I returned from Japan,
I don’t know how the times fly past while preparing for the album.
As much as how I had made you worry with my health issues,
I will definitely greet you with an even better stage.


Nicky said...

That's so sweet of Leader love him ^_^

Thanks Cagali!

Nicky said...

BTW, have you seen subbed Kara's comment on Hyun Joong? It was funny how he simply stares and say something else 4D ^_^


kanojokhj said...

melting for him

thanks for the nice message translation


Jericho said...

Wow! I'm so moved!

Mini UFO said...

You know korean right, is the message accurately translated? Because some chinese words are difficult to translate into english. I wish I know Korean to know the exact words that Leader tell the TripleS.

But he is really sweet...... \(*.^)/

Davina said...

Thanks for posting up his message, Cagali! Love to hear from him!
So sweet, Leader! Hope you enjoy your holiday too! Miss your smile (:

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the translation, cagali....

Leader loves Triple S so much... ^^

Mini UFO said...

Nicky thanks for the link. Yah, I saw it before. He is 4D and that's something that make him unique and attractive! :D