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[Fancam] SS501 @ Persona Shanghai

Some fan accounts I read on Baidu...

5 of them went to change T-shirt for some time, all of us shout until no more sound, thought that they would not come out anymore. Then JungMin's sexy voice came: "Encore?"... then everybody started to shout~

After that 5 of them ran out to the stage, KyuJong, Young Saeng and Hyung Joon ran very fast, and started to play at the extension stage. JungMin & HyunJoong remained at the main stage, singing 'Coward'. After that when JungMin went pass us he even squat down and smile to us. His smile is so sweet. Then he stood up, walked one step to the right and squat down and pose to smile near the 2nd row again. Park Charisma really live up to his name~

When YoungSaeng just came out, his hand was holding a cap, he tried wearing it but was not satisfied and took it down, after that he put on another cap with wings (Arale cap). HyungJoon's cap seems like was wore by the dancer noona. JungMin took the carrot and horse soft toy happily, he squat down and jump. ^^ KyuJong danced happily, totally immersed in it. HyunJoong kept shouting 明天见明年见 (see you tomorrow see you next year), he seemed to be very high~ 5 of them even ran to all corners and greeted everybody "123谢谢" (123 Thank You)

Everybody were very HIGH! Finally the golden paper that splash all around were very nice, the paper were splash on everybody.

Finally when 5 of them took the elevator down stage, all of them were lowered down, except for HyunJoong was remained that, haha~ even the Shanghai stage also wanted to keep him here.

Another fan add on about the elevator not going down:

Let me add on about this, during the final part, all 4 of them were lowered down by the elevator, I saw them going down one by one. Only HyunJoong was left on the stage. I felt so strange? HyunJoong kept looking to the left and right, suddenly the elevator lowered down, he also laughed over it.

([Fancam] SS501 Persona Shanghai - Encore 'You are my heaven' 4:09)


I was at the front area. During encore, near the ending, they walk near the front area, there's a fan threw a tiny carrot up, just nice hitting Mal's leg. Mal pretended that his leg was very painful and pickup the carrot, after that he pointed down, meaning who throw this who throw this... After that he aimed towards one fan, doing the action of throw the carrot to her, but of course he didn't throw it, just feigning it. After that he walked away happily.... this scene made me very touch...


Saengie and Little Bear and Mal when came to the extension stage, they paid a lot of attention to fans who were holding onto a camera. They will purposely stop for a while to let them took photographs of them.


Kyu don't know picked a placard of his name from where, after that he ran to the middle stage to play, very cute.

Then another fan replied
Kyu placard was thrown up by a fan beside me. A fan beside me also threw a comic drawing of JungMin up but overshot, JungMin even purposely ran over the other side to pick it up


HyungJoon Baby picked up a carrot, thought for a while, after that ran over to look for Mal. Mal pretend to want to kiss YoungSaeng & HyungJoon after that blow air to HyunJoong.

Then another fan add on:
HyungJoon's carrot was picked up at the middle stage, I was sitting near the fan who threw up the carrot. When HyungJoon saw the carrot, his reaction was SUPER cute. He first pause for a while, after that picked up the carrot, then laugh to the fan that threw up the carrot, turned back and ran towards Mal~ HyunJoong picked up a pink mickey ear head light, he wore it and smile happily~~~

Another fan add on:
Maknae's carrot was picked up at the middle extension stage, after picked up he ran to Mal, after that, few more carrots flew over again, but the weight was to light only manage to fly over my head.


During encore, HyungJoon's cap was wore by the dancer noona. It was a cap which looked like Mal's cap in 'Thank You for waking me up', after that he picked up another cap, so he asked the noona to change for him, but the noona wore both for him instead.


During the middle of the song, near to the middle of the ending, the rest of the members already went to the extension stage. Only HyungJoon didn't go over and he went over to our side and pose. After that a dancer oppa took a towel to help him wipe his sweat. He even point to his face wanting the oppa to help him wipe carefully, after that he threw the towel towards us. But the towel weight was too light, only manage to throw onto the floor in between the stage and 1st row. After that the staff was very kind, he picked it up and threw, I guess it was taken by fans in the 3rd & 4th row~ Baby scented sweat ah~ Envy~


During the Bye Bye song.... HyunJoong picked up a light stick, and used it to beat Baby's backside lightly.... Baby immediately picked up another light stick on the floor wanting to return his beating.... but who knows the light stick was smaller than HyunJoong's.... it was too small... too short and tiny.... can't fight with HyunJoong's.... He just stared at it blankly.... finally also didn't hit back HyunJoong. Our Baby was really really really...... cute ah!!!


Yesterday my friend told me this, I felt very very touched, really happen infront of her eyes....

During encore, everybody started to throw their present up on stage. After that there's a fan's letter was flew to the bottom of the barrier. HyunJoong saw it, he immediately squate down, kept looking under.... pointing at it helplessly... then looked at the fan... after that the security staff came... he held his palm together to do a thank you gesture to him, and pointed underneath requesting the security staff to help pick it up. Initially the security staff picked up a light stick, he held it on his hand... pointed to the letter again... the security staff helped him pick up... he took it carefully then ran away. It happen right infront of her.... another noona beside her also saw it... and said how can there be such a nice and truthful person... frontal work everybody also can do, but from this detail you can see the real character.... HyunJoong fan... I think it is worth it....

Then another fan who was the owner of the letter replied:

Haha... it was my letter, yesterday really very happy. He came over our side to sing many times. Finally when I wanted to pass the letter to him, he gestured to me to throw it up to him, who knows it drops to the floor, I pleaded him to pick, hehe... he even shrugged to me. I kept looking at my letter and never notice the security came over to help him picked up the letter. He keep pointing to the letter... hehe.... really thankful to him... so I didn't wasted my time writing for few hours.

she added on:

I felt so happy... I pleaded him 2 times. Because he gestured me to throw, so I threw it. So I pleaded him to pick it up, he squat down to look at the position of the letter, and shrugged to me, I pleaded again, so he requested the security staff to help pick it up. The security staff was so comical, he even asked me was it money inside.

Another fan sitting beside her add on:
Do you remember me? You kept holding onto my hand. After HyunJoong took the letter he was infront of me, I was so touched. He kept smiling at us. I took up the camera to take a shoot of him, he even pose for me. He even took the soft toy wanted to tempt me, wanted to throw it to me. If he throw, I will definitely picked it. Must be he saw my 'Saengie' placard so he didn't throw to me....


Mal picked up a big carrot after that picked up another pink horse, after that picked another middle size carrot, he just used his mouth to bite, after that he even put one carrot on his head... he was really very funny...


About Mal jumping down stage:

Mal sat infront of us singing.... after that I forget whether was Saengie or Kyu was at the right side, so I looked over there. When I turned back... Mal already jumped down... I thought it was very slippery so he fell down... after that there's other fans said Mal jumped down himself... anyway Mal immediately used his hand to lift himself up on stage. We were so excited.... Mal was so charming... his sexy charisma name is really true....

Another fan replied:

Mal did not slipped down. It was because of a carrot. It didn't manage to threw up, drop on the floor, Mal saw it so he jumped down to pick it up. So touched.... We were thinking it was so high, can he jumped back to the stage. But he was so skillful, just use his hand and lift, he was up on stage again! Really love Mal ah~


My little interaction with Mal. I am HyunJoong's fan. Surrounding me only I am holding a placard. Then Mal saw it, maybe it was because my placard was sideway towards him, so he walked over and took a look at the placard. When he saw that it was HyunJoong's placard. He pouted to me, seemingly very unsatisfied. Haha... after that he came back again, giving me a grievance look. Sigh... I was like... should I hold up the placard or not, so embarrassed, finally the 3rd time he came back again, I was defeated and put down my placard and wore the support ring of him to wave. Mal immediately became so happy and laugh happily and very contented. Really like a little kid. Haha


Okay, why am I giving you all these fan accounts? Because after reading this, you would want to see the fancam of it right.... I found some.... which included the certain senario describe by the fans. About Mal holding onto the mini horse and jump jump jump (Mini UFO: ROFL) and then Baby taking the carrot and ran to Mal, HyunJoong picking up the letter.... take a look at the fancams.... Enjoy and hope it cheer up your day! ^^

P/S: Encore is actually my favourite part of the show, thought it is sad to end but it is fun to see them so relax and having interaction with fans! It really relax the mind to watch it....


Credit: As tagged in the video

[Fancam] 2009.11.14 SS501 Persona Shanghai - Encore

[Fancam] 2009.11.14 SS501 Persona Shanghai - 'Coward' & 'Bye Bye'

[Fancam] SS501 Persona Shanghai - Encore 'You are my heaven'

[Fancam] 2009.11.14 SS501 Persona Shanghai - 'Bye Bye' (Hyun Joong focus)


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hahahahaha omigosh i rly canot wait for persona sg xDDDDDDDDDD

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ss501 ufo, thank you for organizing those fan accounts and videos. makes me anticipate watching HK Persona :)

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OMG! thankyou for all of these cagali!
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hey there dear cagali ^^
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n it was sooo sensitive n considerate of saengie,jm,n little bear to stop by for the fans to take their pic ^^ how can they b soo sweet? ^^

n gahh,saw the pic of kyu holdin his placard ^^ cute ^^

n the carrot thinggy wif baby is just too cute ^^ his like "ohh a carrot! have to search for mal"~ lol jkjk

the 4D leader wif his pink mickey ear head light ^_~

lol at DoubleHJ cute fight ^^ leader is soo cute when he bullies magnae ^^ while the failed baby's revenge ^^ lol cute ^^ must see @_@

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Ah~ I got goosebumps hearing that 称呼....

水水 too quiet and gentle already, so not much juicy bits about him leh... I will try to look for 圆圆... Keke.... ^^

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亲(LALALA), check this out

v.clear version of fancam


PS: typo on previous post, sld be Chinese not English

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OMG!!! thank you so much for sharing!!! this makes me LOVE ss501 even more!!! my heart will explode soon, there's no enough space for my love to them, i need a BIGGER heart!!!! *hehe* i'm so touched reading the''article/comment''
especially the hyun joong letter part=).....and i just wanna say that i'm really grateful and thank you so much for doing all this!!!

SS501 4ever