Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[News] SS501 Asia Tour's 4th Stop in Shanghai; cold weather but hot dances

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On the huge black cloth held a large mask symbol, with green lights shone - The Asia's top favourite band SS501 Asia Tour's 4th stop blew up in Shanghai's Hongkou soccer stadium last night. Although it was a chilly winter night, the 5 members had a few different outfits and even wore a sleeveless top on stage. Their wish is : "Let's share this winter night together."

Member's cute mandarin expressions
After a long wait, the music came and fans screamed. With the turn of the green light to spot light and then to blue, the fans held their breathe awaiting for their idols to appear. When the backdrop cloth fell , the 5 members appear on the electronic screen and fans started shouting out their favourite member's name and finally the 5 members appear on stage as though it is a dream come true for the fans. In the 2nd song, they wore a mask which seemed to let the fans feel as though they were in a masquerade party. Same as the past Shanghai concert, the 5 members spoke some mandarin , "Hello everyone, We are SS501!" and then the 5 members used mandarin to introduce themselves, "Hello everyone, I am Jung Min", "Hello everyone, I am Hyung Joon", "Hello everyone, I am Hyun Joong", "Hello everyone, I am Young Saeng", " Hello everyone, I am Kyu Jong" which brought up screams after each introduction. Fans also held LED boards to give support to the members. During the breaks, the members will ask : " Are you all happy?" "Are you all Happy?" Although their mandarin is not very smooth but it made all the fans felt so heart warming.

Singing of 'Friends'

The one who jokes the most, Park Jung Min always made the fans laugh and smile. When the other members are speaking, he will pout his mouth like a kiss and using positioning techniques to make it seemed like a real kiss on the screen. while giving the 'kiss', he even peeked on the screen to see if it has gave the funny impact. Looking at this cute action, the fans shouted " Kawaii (cute), one more kiss". He did not disappoint the fans and pouted his lips again to give a few more kisses. Although it is a group, but there were solo performances as well. When it is Park Jung Min's turn, he smiled warmly and greeted the fans in mandarin . But after a while, he forgot what he wanted to say. The blur him giggled and then took out a little note and finished what he wanted to say. Fans kept shouting " Kawaii!" despite the errors. Although the mandarin wasn't very smooth, Park Jung Min's chinese song was rather good. He sang Emil Chow's and it was filled with deep feelings. The whole stadium sang along with him " friends will walk together for a lifetime". He not even managed to mimic how the singer forgets his lyrics's characteristic, even the song mimic was also really good.

Kim Hyun Joong has recovered from H1N1
Kim Hyun Joong who grew in popularity due to the role of Yoon Ji Hoo in BOF and also who leads popular band SS501, contracted H1N1 in Japan earlier but has now recovered. The reporters interviewed some fans and they said they are happy to see a healthy Kim Hyun Joong back on stage. Earlier, he missed out a lot of SS501's activities and after the incident, this is his 1st time appearing in China but the reporter still thinks that he seemed to be a bit exhausted still but his mood is good. Many a times he even play around with the fans. One fan told the reporter: "I don't usually watch concert, although I like SS501 a lot but I did not attend their previous concert. This time because of the news of Kim Hyun Joong had contracted H1N1, it made me anxious. This time I specially bought tickets in order to take a look at him. As long as I can see him healthy on the stage for myself, I will then be relieved." In the concert, the main theme of BOF was definitely the climax of the concert. A girl fan told the reporter: "I hope he will always be healthy, handsome and young." Each time Kim Hyun Joong appeared on stage, the whole stadium would shout his name with passion. Some fans said that these shouts brought along their best wishes for him


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