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[Info] 「Good-Bye Yoon Ji Hoo」DVD Sales Information

Thanks Miyo @ SGTripleS for bringing this news to us. According to her, this CD is only available for sales in Japan only. Guess if you are really interested to purchase this, you would need to look for Japan online store to order it.


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「Good-Bye Yoon Ji Hoo」DVD Sales Information
Scheduled Sales Date: 18th December 2009
Closing Date for Order: 30th November 2009
※Please take note that it is different from the usual closing date.
※Please visit the CD shops and DVD shops to make your order.
No.:OPSD-S912 / POS:T4988131909125
Price : 4,700yen(tax excluded) 4,935yen(tax inclusive)
☆Special Gift : 80 pages booklet of the making of it☆

Korean Version「Hana Yori Dango~Boys over Flowers」which was made into a drama and a big hit. SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong who had his first challenge acting in a drama as Yoon Ji Hoo.

To commemorate 「Hanadan」(Shortform for BOF in Japan) last episode, he had wished to watch together with his fans thus he forked out 100million won to hold a fan meeting and this has been recorded and made into a DVD.

Only available here are valuable scenes of not only his solo stage and guitar performances but also SS501 stage performance and surprise guest appearance from F4, Kim Bum and Kim Jun!!
Also as a special gift, 80page booklet of scenes from the rehearsal, precious shots from Hyun Joong’s camera etc. All put into this booklet.

Contents (Around 73mins)
「Thank you」
「Because I’m Stupid」
「Please be nice to me」
「U R Man」(SS501)
「Because I’m Stupid」(SS501)
「Making a Lover」(SS501)
「DEJA VU」(SS501)

・Hyun Joong Q&A
・Hyun Joong’s Guitar solo
・TALK TIME 1(with Special Guest)
・「Happiness is」
・TALK TIME 2(with Special Guest)

Kim Hyun Joong (Leader)
Heo Young Saeng
Kim Kyu Jong
Park Jung Min
Kim Hyung Joon (Baby)

Sales Agent:SBS Contents Hub/DSP media

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