Monday, November 16, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Shanghai Persona Concert

I like High definition photographs.... they are clear clear clear sharp sharp sharp.... :D

Another set of Hyun Joong focus photographs from 猴子家の吾空@Baidu Tieba KHJ

Warning: Jjitjoong photo at bottom..... ^^


Credit: + 猴子家の吾空@Baidu Tieba KHJ
Please repost with full credit.

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Nose bleed~ ^^


Anonymous said...

Omigosh, Leader is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

wen0607 said...

Ya~~ indeed nose bleeding......>.<
By the way, checked with my korean friend that she doesnt aware of the scratch he had during the chaotic at shanghai airport.... maybe just a minor scratch... I will see her on msn tonight and ask her more...she told me she will check and let me know^^