Friday, November 20, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Star King by khj0606

More screen caps from Star King. Hyun Joong focus. ^^ Be prepare to receive some billion watts electricity..... :D


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Anonymous said...


水水粉 said...

亲,Leader at Dream Team chinese sub:


Anonymous said...

OMG..!! He looks so good in that outfit. His smile can melt the whole Antarctica..!
Thanks for sharing

aisling said...

Anonymous #1 - you don't have to be leader biased to be struck with his billion watts smile :)

davina said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful sets of Leader's pics! He's soooo adorable and handsome. Like a teenaged boy on the second and fourth sets! His smile's simply beautiful and gorgeous! Faint!:)

helen said...

OMG Wuli Hyun Joong is so handsome and so cute. He is alluring and irresistible.

marge0256 said...

He is just too good to be true. I really wonders what keeps him happy nowadays? there's something in him that is different. his aura is, actually. he always smiles and is very friendly :D

It's good, but weird :D

thanks for sharing cagali!

P said...

he looked different after recovering from the flu; he's been smiling a lot, too(this is what i think)... well, whatever the reason is, i hope he's genuinely happy!

thanks for sharing!!!

Katie said...

I got electricuted by his smile; so sweet, yet so alluring.

Anonymous said...

he must be happy with the 'Hong Kong' girl..LOL
*okay its getting old..-_-,,

Anonymous said...

I think he has always been like this. It just that it has been a long time since we have seen him like this because he has been busy in 2008 and 2009 with his individual career/schedule and he is always tired.

If we could go back to their before and after debut in 2005 - 2007 with Mpick, TYWUU, TYRMU, SOS, Stalker, SS501 in USA 2006 Hollywood bowl, Starwatch, Mission (Japan) etc... He alway goof around with members, smiles a lot, laugh uncontrollably till his stomach aches. He shines during those period with so much enthusiasm.


saranghaeKHJoong said...

whatever the reasons, we just love him!

within the same show, but yet i see two diff faucets of him.

with the tight inner t and long sleeve t-shirt, revealing just a bit of his oh .. so good chest (seem to be more muscular each time) and his oh .. gorgeous arms thru the tight long sleeve, ah so
manly and ha so hawt! charming killer smile that makes me dizzy!

and with the pull-over that revealed the little "school boy" image. oh just too adorable and cute with his hearty laughter with hands on his chest bending forward, makes me just laugh alot with him.

thanks for sharing all these magnificent pictures of such joy and laughter, will takes away all the "blue" the day might bring.

Saranghaeyo! HyunJoong sshi.

Anonymous said...

sooooooooooo happy when looking his smile!!!!love love!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

he looks.. *ahhhhh* words fail me.... just so so so so sparkling~~~ korea sparkling... he lights up the screen!! ^_~