Friday, November 20, 2009

Vote for SS501 & Hyun Joong is Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2009

Thanks Jericho for pointing me to this new voting for SS501 & Hyun Joong.

Seems like votings has became a part of our daily regime as a TripleS. After MAMA voting is completed, now we have this new voting for Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2009.

Please note that you need to be a member of Yahoo to vote. To sign up for a yahoo account, click here

There's 2 different votings, one in Korea and one in Hongkong, you can use the same yahoo account to vote for both.

Instruction to vote for Taiwan Yahoo Asia Buzz (one vote for every 60mins)

1. Login to your yahoo account first (even by login in to your Yahoo email will do, just leave the window open).

2. Then, open another window/tab and go to : (This will directly bring you to the voting page for the Asia Area Artist which SS501 and Hyun Joong are the nominated artists)

3. Click the button as shown in the picture

4. This window will pop up, either click on purple button at 'Kim Hyun Joong' or 'SS501' to vote

5. This pop up window will jump up. A message will informed you that you can only vote every 60mins. Click on the button as pointed in the picture. That's it! Come back after 60mins to vote again.

6. If you receive this window, then meaning that 60mins haven't reach yet.

For instruction to vote for Korea Yahoo Asia Buzz (10 votes per user account per day)

1. Login to your yahoo account first (even by login in to your Yahoo email will do, just leave the window open).

2. Open another window/tab to vote, go to: (It will bring your straight to the nominated window where SS501 and Hyun Joong is the nominated candidates)

3. Click location as mark in picture

4. This window will pop up, either click on Hyun Joong or SS501 to vote. Each person have 10 votes per day.

5. After clicking, this window will pop up. Click on the purple button to confirm your vote. Repeat step 2 & 3 until you left with '0' votes.


Voting closed for Yahoo! Taiwan & Korea

Rankings as at 4 Dec, 6:47PM (+GMT8)
(Yahoo! Taiwan voting closed)
Yahoo! Taiwan
1st - Hyun Joong: 657,777
2nd - SS501: 72,908

Rankings as at 4 Dec, 9:28PM (+GMT8)
Yahoo! Korea
1st - Hyun Joong: 1,154,371
2nd - DBSK: 703,719
3rd - SS501: 198,840

P/S: Seems like there are different award ceremonies, Taiwan would be giving the award based on Internet search rankings on 11 Dec, while Hong Kong would be giving the award for Asia Buzz Award on 14 Dec, Yahoo! Korea 15 Dec?


Libra Dolce said...

Thanks for the info!! Definitely will vote for them!! =D

Fellyz said...

hohohoo.. hope I'm not the one too fanatic about these voting, I've already create my yahoo account more than 3 to vote them ^^

ran said...

hm, weird...i got different window popped out for the yahoo korea one. it didn't refresh the no. of vote left even after clicking vote dunno how many times alr (it shows 남자 부문의 오늘의 투표 기회를 이미 사용하셨습니다.
(남자, 여자, 아시아 부문 1일 10회까지 투표 가능합니다.), dunno what it means.
i got no problem with the taiwan version.

Anonymous said...

@ran: I think you should confirm it first (It means after you choose Leader or SS501, it will appear a notice like what Calagi explains. Then you should click to the violet rectangle), and after that do it in order again for the other nine. Like that, it will count the number vote of you... I think that... So sorry if not like that. Hope you can vote for our idol!!!! :)

* nurul said...

hi there :)

just an additional piece of information. Each IP address is allowed 5 accounts for voting purposes...10 votes per technically we can have 50 votes a day :) please do spread this information, thank u :)

Anonymous said...

hm? is it true ?
But I've signed up 7 accounts for voting, it seems OK

ran said...

ah, i know what went wrong. it's because i didn't tick the "keep me sign in for 2 weeks". once i ticked that box, everything went smoothly

* nurul said...

@Anon: u have more than 7 accounts? oh! that's even better then :) :) will go spread the word!!! :) thanks!

สิริพรรณ said...

May I take your page to SS501thailand, so they can see how to get vote. Please confirm me. I'm waiting

Mini UFO said...

Yes with full credit

สิริพรรณ said...

Thank You


Mini UFO

สิริพรรณ said...

When do they close to vote

thanks for immediate reply

Anonymous said...

Please vote more for SS501! Hyun Joong has lots of votes already haha.....check out the korea website, SS501 is in 3rd place, lagging behind by lots of votes..please vote for them!

yoona_ys said...

Thank u veri much for ur info!! I logged in to all my yahoo accounts and voted for ss50,hehe. Plzzz vote for ss501 bcuz hyun joong already has alot of votes!!