Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[Video] SS501 thanking fans after Persona Shanghai

Thanks MWU for pointing me to this video. It is clearer, so we can see what SS501 were doing. By the way, as I shared before that leader did a heart sign using his can see it from this video. :D Something very rare from the person that hate to do aegyo.


Credit: marvie0701@youtube
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[Fancam] 2009.11.14 SS501 Thank You Greeting in Hotel after Persona Shanghai

Credit: (English Translation)
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HyunJoong: Very thank you for coming here today. In our next performance, we will show our even charming side to you. Now everybody must be very tired already. Please go back to rest earlier. See you again in the airport tomorrow.

Jung Min: We will definitively come back to Shanghai. Please anticipate.

Notice at 1:17 HyunJoong do a 'heart' sign by placing his hands on his head and he was smiling so happily.

At 1:23 JungMin was gesturing the sleeping hand gesture. :D


marydewitt said...

Leader playing soccer during breaktime -- Shanghai Persona rehearsal

LHL said...

cagali..title title...shanghai... XD!

Mini UFO said...

what am I thinking.... sigh.... :P

Jericho said...

I think this video shows how incredible was the scenario. Both the fans n the boys were really overwhelmed by each other. It was truly amazing.
The Taiwanese fans must be very envious because they dun such an opportunity n attention from the boys.
From the noise we can hear there must be easily abt a hundred fans downstairs. It must be quite a sight.