Saturday, October 03, 2009

Finding Green Gold together with Maknae (Ep 3)

It is quite quiet today since it is Chuseok and Mid Autumn Festival. The Koreans are having their reunion with their family and the Chinese are celebrating Mid Autumn Festival. I have some free time to catch up on some videos which I had not watch. One of them is Maknae's 'Find It! Green Gold' Ep3 which was broadcast this Monday. This episode was even more informative since they teach to 'Reuse, Recovery, Recycle' things around us. Too bad, there's no english subtitle else I would be able to understand more about the topic.

It is fun watching it since everybody is having fun filming. The 'Find It Green Gold' official site had release some photographs of this episode. Just to share with you.....


Credit: 'Find It Green Gold' Official Site
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