Saturday, October 03, 2009

Poster for SETI

Actually saw this Poster which was posted by 맛규@SS601 since 26 Sept, but don't know what it is since everything is in Korean, all I recognized is Kyu Jong's name. :P Only until news of Kyu Jong new teen drama then I realized that was the poster of his show. :) I am still looking for the website which this drama is going to be released, if any of you know the website, please let me know ok.

Oh, BTW, SETI stands for 'Search for the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.'. Hmm.... then it is related to aliens and extra terrestrial intelligence right? Wonder if Leader will be envy of Kyu Jong since he is always so interested in all these aliens and extra terrestrial intelligence related things.... I think he would be happy to be cast in this drama also right? (^.~)

I read in Baidu Tieba that this show is related to Canon in some way, so maybe Kyu Jong did filmed a CF for Canon?? Well, I guess we have to wait for more information to be released.


Credit: 맛규@SS601
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mwu said...

ahh yes i think the same...
LOL leader will envy kyu.. because the drama genre is his favorite.. manhwa and alien.. PERFECT COMBO...

hahah he will become the first one who stalk kyu's drama.. because the story is his interest... ^^

kyu's drama is the first online drama i will follow.. still no clue about the format... just like live action in japan? or different format... ><