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[Mag] SS501 in Easy Magazine Oct 2009 - TV Keywords & Others

This translation was actually completed last night but I was hesitant to release it due to something I saw. Seen it once in a forum, forget & forgive about it. Now I see it again! I am fuming.....

Why? why do people take my translation, post in their blog and take credit for it. The news, leader's greetings, magazine translation, etc.. all of it..... Why???? I spend lots of time translate it word by word, looking up dictionary if I don't understand the word, making sure whatever I translate is as close to original as possible. And people just take my translation, removed the credit and add their name behind!!! Ok if you find my translation is not good enough and you don't want to credit me, but what about the original translator, the korean to chinese translator, they also removed away their names. I felt very very sorry for them, they shared the translation, so I translate and share it but end up people just don't give credit to them. :(

How I know it is my translation? Of course I know, because the grammatical mistake and spelling errors are the same (!!) and actually nobody can translate exactly the same as the original translator, everybody will have a different writing style. Therefore it is very easy to know that it is my translation. And the translation date and time, example, leader's Chuseok greeting was posted at 2am, those posting of them were done the next day!!! This is how I get to know about it!!

Please, if you take anything from my blog, please do not remove the credits. I don't mind any of you reposting in any other forums or your own blog, but provided with the full credits intact, especially the original translator or sharer. It is unethical to claim others credit as yours. I used to add my blog behind credits for photographs & video, but have since ceased to do so because I felt very ashamed to claim credit for other people's work. Sometimes, I even provide a link to the original sharer website, because I think since they did so much, at least people should visit their site, give them their thanks. Please show respect to others, they spend time to find the information and then share to you, they could have read and keep for their own use, but they choose to share, so when you take their work, at least give them credit for that.

Whoever it is, you know it yourself, I am not going to name it here, but I hope you will do whatever you should do!!

Another thing I would like to say is, if you ever repost my postings, do you mind don't post my comments together. Because sometimes it just felt weird to read my comments on forums/blog when it is not posted by myself. ^^ (Some of them actually copy the entire post !!) Unless there's some extra information that I shared inside the comments which you want to share with others, other than that can you please don't share the comments. Appreciate your understanding on this.

Ok, finish letting off the fumes, sorry to bother the rest of you to read my rants/complaints, I am just frustrated and disappointed. Anyway, I will forgive and forget about this again. Hope I won't see the same thing again in future. :(

Enjoy reading the translation. (^.~)


Credit: (Scanned Magazine) + (English translation)

Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphics.

TV Keywords X 10

KW1 'M!Pick'
Broadcast date: 7 March 2005
Broadcast channel: M.ent
'M!Pick' was a variety program which was specially created to documentary the preparation process of a pre-debut artist. It showed the audience the entire process of the pre-debut artist in detail, it also included the trainee period showing their daily life. This has enable fans to obtain the complete information of the artist. Through this program, SS501 was presented to the audience for the first time.

KW2 'Thank you for Waking me up'
Broadcast date: 24 December 2005
Broadcast channel: MBC
'Thank you for waking me up' was a program specially tailored to SS501 by MBC. It was hosted by the 'Square Princess' - Park Kyung Lim. Every saturday morning, Park Kyung Lim would walk into SS501's hostel to film the entire process from the moment they fall asleep till woke up. Of course, in between they would had to use a lot of additional tools to aid in waking up the members. From this program, the audience could see a different side of SS501 which was entirely different from on stage. Although it may not be glamorous and perfect, however, it presented their most truthful and adorable side when in their half awaken state.

KW3 'Thank you for Raising me up'
Broadcast date: 18 February 2006
Broadcast channel: MBC
'Thank you for raising me up' was a same series of the 'Thank you for waking me up' variety show, also specially tailored for SS501 and hosted by the 'Square Princess' Park Kyung Lim. This time, all members of SS501 given the role of a father to jointly raised up a puppy named 'Deng 01'. The happiness and difficulties in rearing a dog was shown in the program. The love and care which 5 of them shed on the dog made a lot of audience envy.

Broadcast Date: 1 November 2006
Broadcast Channel:
After their 1st Album debut, during the busy promotion activities, SS501 filmed 'SOS'. This program was divided into 8 parts, bringing onto screen sensitive topics which happened around youth & teenagers. Topics like family violence, sex trade, computer gaming, drinking, school violence and other real life story. It was filmed and editing in a suspense and thriller mood. SS501 presented themselves as hot blooded youth when acting in this program.

KW5 'Show Music Core'
Broadcast Date: 11 November 2006
Broadcast Channel: MBC
'Show Music Core' is one of the 3 most popular main stream music program in Korea. It has a certain status in Korea music sector, almost all the newly released song will be released in this program. The program MC were usually selected from popular singers. Well recognized for his popularity, Kim Hyun Joong was selected to host the program together with Brain from R&B group 'Fly to the sky'.

KW6 KBS & CCTV Korea China Friendship Concert
Broadcast date: 26 November 2007
Broadcast channel: CCTV3
Korea China Friendship Concert was a large scale cross-countries pop song concert jointly held by CCTV & KBS. The concert location would be rotated between China & Korea. 2006 Korea China Friendship Concert was very special for SS501 and their fans, since this was the first time they appeared infront of the China audience. On the glamorous and passionate stage, 5 of them charmingly performed 'Unlock' which is the main theme song in their first album. It had not only brought up the climax on site but also causing shrieks from the TV audience.

KW 7 Japan Drama 'Hotelier'
Broadcast date: 31 May 2007
Broadcast channel: Japan TV Asahi
Reshoot from classic same name Korean drama 'Hotelier'. Broadcast in Japan TV Asahi in May 2007. Other than the lead actress Ueto Aya, the original Korean actor who acted as Shin Dong Hyuk, Bae Yong Jun also acted in this show. SS501 who was doing their promotional activities in Japan was invited to act a cameo role in the drama due to their popularity. Although only appeared in the show for few minutes, however, all of them had showed their best acting.

KW8 Variety show 'We got married'
Broadcast time: 11 May 2007
Broadcast channel: MBC
'We got married' was a fictitious wedding program. It has received huge popularity since broadcast and received very high viewing rates. SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong acted as a fictitious married couple together with Hwangbo who was 6 years older than his age. They received wide acceptance and love by viewers on their role as 'Ssangchu/Lettuce couple'. In order to support their leader, the other members also made appearance in this program and caused SS501 popularity to increase.

KW9 'God of Cookery Expedition'
Broadcast time: 21 November 2009
Broadcast channel: MBC drama
'God of Cookery Expedition' is a variety show which travels around searching for good food in Korea. The MC has to travel to all places to introduce delicious food to audience. Kim Kyu Jong joined in as the Maknae MC in the 'God of Cookery Expedition' team from November 2008 and become a permanent MC. After 6 months, due to recording of his new solo album, he had to stop hosting the show. He was replaced by his team member Kim Hyung Joon. This program can consider as the beginning of SS501 as MC of variety show.

KW10 Korean 'Boys over Flowers'
Broadcast time: 5 January 2009
Broadcast channel: KBS
Korean 'Boys over flowers' was remade from the popular same name manga. Because the previous 2 versions received good responses, the Korean version was highly anticipated. This version did not make the viewer disappointed, not only it received high viewership, it also started another wave of 'Flowery' trend. Leader Kim Hyun Joong won the role of Yoon Ji Hoo by his charming look and high popularity. He had also went through the same life experience and growth through the role and his acting skill gradually matured. At the same time, the sub team of SS501 formed by Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon who was promoting their 'U R Man' album also acted as cameo in the 4th episode as Pub singers.

Most popular Male Actor
1. Kim Hyun Joong
2. Yamashita Tomohisa
Akanishi Jin
4. Kamenashi Kazuya
5. Micky Yoochun
6. Ikuta Toma
7. Kim Bum
8. Kim Jaejung
9. Wu Chun
10. Kim Hee Chul
11. Lee Min Ho
12. Kim Junsu
13. Lee Jun Ki
14. Tachibana Keita
15. Nishikido Ryo


Jericho said...

Yeah, I saw that too, that's not fair. Anyways, I always come to your blog first for the latest info on Leader. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

liezle said...

cagali, i think i know who you are referring to. she also mirrors my blog and many already have been emailing me about her netiquette. what should we do about her? like what you said even my comments are being copied. i made a comment on her blog but she just put my name and still does the same thing. they say she's a teen but it's not an excuse.

shirley is also having some problem with her videos. many are taking it without proper credits.

sighs... these people they don't know that we're sharing because we love to share? but i hope they do the proper crediting.


mwu said...

hi cagali.. thx so much for translation.. nothing new today.. ^^
so your translation made my day.. maybe uri boys have happy chuseok now.. ^_______^

there are many KW about them i think.. but this is maybe the best key words? ^^ heheheh they should include youngstreet radio too.. that is the first SS501 radio private broadcast.. ^^

ahhh this is not fair.. i hope they used netiquete as well... ^^ hem i am glad you speak your mind about this..
hope the same thing again will not happen again in future. ^^

myoce said...

O dear so inconsiderate !!
Please let me know if I have been reposting your translations incorrectly, Ok !!

I wish I could speak Korean so I could help doesn't feel good to take, take, take...with out contributing something back :(

A million thanks for everything.
Keep your spirits up.
I hope she reforms soon !

Love, myoce

bb said...

hi there,

i believe i too know who you're talking about. and if my guess is correct, then yea, i second liezle, this is not the first time she's doing something like that. and like what liezle said, this particular person has been alerted previously that what she's doing is wrong.

seems like she hasn't changed. and it's not just your translation that she's reposting without giving the due credits. unless she's iBreatheLifeMusic, i think she's reposted the subbed vidz without giving due credits as well.

i was a translator for another actor's fansite for quite some years, and i totally understand how you're feeling. i had my own translation work being plagiarized too.

anyway, just so that you know, i've left the following comment on that said blogger's blog, athough i wasn't calling her out for your chuseok greeting trans, but on the subbed FO posting.

here's what i'd commented, FYI:

hi xxx,

are you sure you've subbed this FO epi? unless you're iBreatheLifeMusic, i think you're misleading others to think that you've done the subs for this.

even when someone left you a comment on this, and thanking you for the subs, i didn't see you correcting this misconception.

i've done translation work for years for a korean actor, and i know firsthand how time-consuming a good and responsible piece of translation is. and i also know that doing translation for videos is even more challenging and time-consuming than from print. so please make sure you give credits when you repost other people's work.

this is not the first time i've seen you repost other fans' translation work without giving the due credits.

i do not care if you're just a teenager, nor do i care if you didn't do it on purpose, no matter the age and no matter the intention, what's wrong is wrong. i think it's only right that someone points out to you that what you're going is wrong. please make sure you do the right thing and fix the wrong immediately. i know from a previous experience and also through my previous interaction with you that you're actually a fairly nice gal. so please, do the right thing, k?


Mini UFO said...

Liezle & BB,

Actually if not because I am searching for scans of Easy Magazine yesterday, I would not find out about her. Yes. She's the same person you are referring to. I never realized now she even take video trans as her own. Yah! Video is even more time consuming. I did video editing before, so I knew how painful it is to translate + subb the video + to time everytime to make sure the words & sound is in sync. Just hope that she will realize her mistake and give credit to others in future. bb, thanks for posting your comments on her blog. Appreciate it. :)

Jericho, mwu, myoce,
Thank you very much for your concern & encouragement. ^^

don't worry, as long as you leave the credit line intact, it is alright to repost in your blog.

Mini UFO said...

Did you realized also, she is hotlinking the photographs also!! I am just testing just now whether she will do that and YES that she did so!

BTW, the posting with bb comments was deleted.

liezle said...

cagali, what should we do? could we blog about her? i mean let's come out and quote her name in our blog and tell our visitors not to be deceived by her posts? she's been warned several times. maybe we could write make a special note with in our post like : XXX please do not re-post this in your blog unless you give proper credit. ^^

zaza said...

lol..u guys are planning that? that sounds a bit bad..why don't u just gv her some more chance or something. besides, maybe she didn't read some of the comments after all? because some blog can set the comments just visible like that or need some approvement first.If she set it to be straightaway visible and without aknowledge her incoming comments,meaning she didn't read what bb said.Cuz she didn't realized there're new comments.She didn't ignore it.

kanojokhj said...

Ahh I agree with you. It's not fair to take your translations. In my blog is quite the same. I translate English to Spanish and people just take the translations without giving proper credits. I hope the people who make it stop.

For my part, I love your blog. You always have something new and I can see that you spend much time on SS501 :). Thanks for your hard work.

I always tipe the whole credits (full).

I support you.

Thank you.

bb said...

zaza, i do not think we're being bad even if we do blog about it in our blogs.

first of all, we're stating facts and not accusing her of anything. i trust that i know cagali and liezle well enough to know these are fair and nice gals and they will just be saying they've found out about this, and want to put in a special mention to remind her (and everyone else) to exercise care and caution when reposting other people's stuff. i'm 501% sure of it.

secondly, you do not know that we've been aware of this issue for sometime now. and i know for a fact liezle has raised it with her more than once. surely that's 'warning' enough.

thirdly, while i cannot be sure, i'm fairly certain she has read my comment. why else would the entire posting with my comment disappear? she's the owner of the blog and presumably she's the only one who has access and can remove the posting.

now i know that this is really none of my business since she didn't take anything that's mine, but may i suggest that liezle and cagali email her about this matter and wait for her response before going public? if possible, do a 'read receipt' acknowledgment thingy when you send her the email. and if she still doesn't her ways. i think there's nothing wrong with going public with this.

people should not be allowed to get away with these things. although intangible, such deeds are still tantamount to stealing if done deliberately.

if you need her email addy, i have it. let me know.

again, these are just my thoughts. i guess it's more appropriate that the parties concerned (eg liezle, cagali, iBreatheLifeMusic...) write to her about it.

bb said...

and oh, zaza, one more thing. most bloggers care much about what their blogders say... (this is coming from a blogger too)

so i'm dead-sure she would have created her settings such that she's notified whenever someone leaves a comment on her blog :p

vAnVan said...

eh hu r u all talking abt? i am blur..

zaza said...

like sookyeong (, she also didn't read her comments..or maybe some.i dont know. but honestly, i never saw her commenting or replied back to her reader's comments..all we did(as readers) was just replying to each other's comments..

and so, maybe her blog didn't notify sookyeong's.if she didn't been notified and deosn't know the existance of your comment, maybe your comment is still there. like me too,i always left some comments on ppl's blog(such as wordpress) and my quest. didn't been answered by the admin.only by readers.

bb said...

zaza, i do not intend to dwell on this topic anymore, but just one last point to make. i've observed the opposite, i've read her replies to her blogder's comments.

and anyway, there's nothing wrong with the parties concerned contacting her or alerting her to let her know what she's doing is wrong, intentional or otherwise.

p.s. there's a HUGE difference between sookyeong's blog and hers, in terms of scale and reach of readership, so that's no comparison to me.

Mini UFO said...

I have been watching her website these few days, she has been crediting the post that she posted recently but not changing anything which she took credit for my translation. Anyway I leave a message in her post for leader's Chuseok message.

It reads:
Hi, I think you know who am I. Please do whatever you should do, starting from leader's Chuseok greeting.

Let's see.... whether she will change the credit.