Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sleepy Baby

Credit: + hyungjunangel
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These 2 This youtube video was shared by 냐옹SS501@SS601. Baby looked so tired in this video. Trying very hard to stay awake. A little bit heart pain when seeing the video...... I guess he must be even more tired now since he has so many activities, 'Music High', 'Find It! Green Gold', preparation for come back & Persona Concert, the new drama which he acted in, has it started filming or has it completed filming? If so, I just can't imagine how he has time to rest...... Hurrr...... why I am worrying about the boys one after another..... I have never do this to any other of the artist I like before, SS501 broke all my rules..... ^^

P/S: The other video channel was suspended. Can't share it here. Sorry

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Anonymous said...

cant view the 2nd video.. :(