Thursday, October 01, 2009

Who is the star whom you most wanted to return home together during chuseok?

This year's Chuseok - Korean Thanksgiving Day falls on 3 October 2009. It is a very important day for the Koreans. They will usually return to their hometown to pay respect to the elders. Families will visit their ancestor's graves during Chuseok.

Wonder if the boys will be given 'time off/leave' to go home to reunion with their family members. If they do, hope they have a great time reunion with their family members.


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This year's mid autumn festival (Chuseok - Korean Thanksgiving Day), who do you wish to return home together with?

Music website ( did a internet survey at the beginning of autumn before the 1st festival. The result of the survey was released recently.

The 3rd winner is Kim Hyun Joong with a votes of 13%.

Most of the suggestions are very heart-warming, for example "To chat with him on 4 dimensional topic, will definitely make the journey home happier", "Hyun Joong oppa has grown thinner, can't see any fresh on him, I wish to feed him with many dishes which has a lot of meat and rice!"

Additional information (extract from XiaoChu@Quainte501 translation):

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Other info :
Total of 1,235 votes was casted for this poll.
Results :
1st – SNSD TaeYeon – 45% (550 votes)
2nd – Lee SeungGi – 15% (185 votes)
3rd – SS501 Kim HyunJoong – 13% (155 votes)
4th – Big Bang DaeSung – 11% (136 votes)
5th – 2NE1 Sandara Park – 10.6% (132 votes)


Read that they will also wear hanbok during Chuseok, so here's some old photographs of SS501 in hanbok to get you in the Chuseok mood. ^^

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