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[News] SS501 KJ, Seo Hyo Rim in new drama, "Set'i"

Remember that 3 days ago I posted some photographs of Kyu Jong doing some CF for Canon. Sorry that's a wrong information, instead of shooting a CF, he is shooting a teen web drama. This will be the first time Kyu Jong try acting! Something for us to start anticipating.... ^^

Thanks SS5014ever for sharing the translation. :)


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SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and actress Seo Hyo Rim will be the main characters in a teen web drama "Set'i" on astronomy, written by Yoon Tae ho, who became famous with the comic book "The Moss", filming begins this week.

Web drama "Set'i" is an astronomy teen drama based on plans to explore extraterrestrial life in outer space, Seo Hyo Rim and SS501's Kim Kyu Jong cooperate and act as lovers.

From 6th Oct onwards, every Tues and Fri, the 16 parts "Set'i", will be released simultaneously via comic and video format, and is the first to attempt to narrate the space stories in the hearts of young girls and boys. Seo Hyo Rim portrays "Set'i" fan club "Setian" member Yi Mi Ju, while Kim Kyu Jong enthusiastically takes up the challenge to act as Mi Ju's boyfriend Ho Sik.

According to someone close to Kim Kyu Jong, "This is the first time Kyu Jong is showing his acting apart from in MVs and individual videos for concerts", "the writer is very famous, and the staff have also filmed MV with him before, it's a very good chance to be able to work together."

This source said, "There's not much trouble while shooting", "This might be the basis for Kyu Jong's future acting activities."

The source then added, "Studying carefully on location, there'll be plans for acting from next year onwards", "The China-Japan-Korea drama that Kim Hyung Joon is appearing in, has also confirmed plans for Kyu Jong's appearance."

On the other hand, in "Set'i", Mi Ju is an anti member within Setian, she starts to question her hobby, with club activities getting longer and longer yet having no results. But her boyfriend Ho Sik remains immersed in Set'i, and is unhappy over any unsatisfactory talk of Set'i. With the appearance of Professor Park, who increases Ho Sik's curiosity towards Set'i, more frictions result. But when Mi Ju witnesses Ho Sik's true life, and had a deep understanding, the turn in their relationship arrives.

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