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Family Outing Ep 65 Text Translation - Cooking Part

As promised, final part for the Family Outing. This is the continuation from of the Part 3 & Part 4 translation I have done yesterday. By the way, for the front part, you can get it at Liezle's blog for the Part 1 & Part 2. The translation are done by Panda Brenda. Thank you Liezle & Panda Brenda for sharing.


Starting from Family Outing Ep 65 Part 7/8 2:28 - End

Youtube video Credit: shirbogirl

Credit: (Chinese translation)nicehj + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit
Do not reuse for video caption unless you have permission from nicehj

Back to house
Caption: Don't know when the sun already rise to the middle of the sky...
Hyori: The sun already rise so high, must prepare the food faster
Jung Shin: Increase speed
Hyori: Oppa, what is this?
Jung Min: Marble Fish
Hyori: Yellow colour
Jung Shin: Their name is very complicated
Caption: Fish bought from auction market will use to cook seafood spicy soup...
Jung Shin: Clean this up and make seafood spicy soup
Jung Shin: We have pluck a lot of matsutake
Hyori: Keep some for the grannies
Caption: Keep some of the matsutake for the grannies
Caption: Remaining will use to cook rice
Hyori: Cut the radish to cook rice, then bake the matsutake
Caption: Menu for today: Spicy soup * Bake matsutake * matsutake raddish soup
Sheungri/Caption: Please give me radish~oh
Hyori: Peel it before cut
Leader peeling the raddish
Caption: careful... careful...
Caption: Extremely careful
Jung Shin: It is not supposed to be done like this
Jung Shin: If you cut like this must wait until when?
Caption: Can't watch anymore, the elder stand out...
Jung Shin: When start, must cut it into bigger piece
Caption: Isn't it the same...
Red Caption: Chill heart
Jung Shin: Cut away all the skin then cut into bigger pieces
Caption: Who is teaching who?
Jung Shin: Bring 5 of this out
Jung Shin: Take few to bake, the rest use to make soup
Red Caption: Cautious
Jung Shin: cannot cut too thick, make it thinner
Caption: Continue to teach
Caption: Tok Tok (cutting sound)
Caption: Even knee also bend down...
Hyori: Sit comfortably, why kneel to cut?
Hyun Joong: Must be very careful so...
Caption: Doing this must be more cautious...
Hyori: What ah?
Jung Shin: He is craving, craving...
Caption: What is he talking?
Caption: On the other hand, Sheungri...
Caption: Want to cook spicy soup, shocking cutting fish skill...
Sheungri: Let take this fish
Hyori: Sheungri is not afraid at all
Caption: Cut away the head
Red Caption: Don't care
Caption: Period when Sheungri skillfully handling on his own
Caption: Hyun Joong started to cut the matsutake
Caption: Still remain kneeling
Jung Shin: Correct, correct, that's the way to cut
Red caption: Seperated
Jung Shin: You have skill in this area
Jung Shin: Cut little bit by little...
Caption: Harmonious

Caption: Staring blankly......
Sheungri: This, this how should I do it?
Caption: How do I cut this?
Blue caption: Care completed
Jung Shin: Which one?
Hyori: Oppa you really don't care about him
Jung Shin: Sorry
Caption: Wherever also hope to get love, Maknae Sheungri
Jung Shin: Have you scale it? Cut it slantly, continue to cut
Caption: Finally, to be fair, sit in the middle
Jung Shin: but the onion into the soup
Jung Shin: Don't put in the ingredients
Hyori: After putting in the shallot, then put in the other ingredients
Caption: Matsutake radish soup pot
Hyori: Oppa, quikly bring the ingredient over here
Caption: What did he threw in?
Jung Shin: Ok, I will come over
Hyori: What did you throw into the soup?
Caption: What did you throw in just now?
Hyun Joong: Don't know
Caption: Don't know?!
Jung Shin: Cress, cress
Hyori: Why put cress?
Hyun Joong: Hyung ask me to put in so I put in
Caption: Cress should put in the spicy soup...
Hyori: Cress is for the spicy soup
Caption: If it is like this, now take up the ingredient...?
Hyori: Ya! Oppa!
Hyori: Don't scoop anymore, change another pot to cook then ok.
Caption: Finally just change the pot!!
Caption: Just a short while, change the matsutake radish soup to spicy soup...
Jung Shin: Hyori can cook very well

Hyori: Hyun Joong ah, Have you been to any night club?
Caption: At the new comer dancing stage?
Hyun Joong: Yes, been to
Hyori: When?
Hyun Joong: 1st time to club is with Hyori noona, when in USA
Caption: 1st time to club is together with noona...
Hyori: Ah, is it?
Jung Shin: Looked like when Hyori just debut, she influence you quite a lot
Caption: No matter what grown up under Hyori influence
Hyun Joong: Yes
Jung Shin: She dance bravely right?
Caption: Dance very skillful right?
Hyun Joong: I was shocked
Jung Shin: Most people dance like this
Caption: Give me a shock
Hyun Joong/Caption: That the 1st time I feel ashame of Hyori noona
Jung Shin: Like me, when dance, normally will dance in places which the light will not shine at
Caption: How is it dance...
Hyori: How did I dance? I can't remember anymore
Hyori: Try to dance
Hyun Joong: First hold the water like this
Caption: First, hold the water
Hyun Joong demonstrate how Hyori dance
Jung Shin: What? Even when in oversea?
Caption: (lose face) what?! In oversea!
Hyori: Maybe I was too exited
Caption: Might be too exited. I~

Hyori: Put in the raddish first
Caption: Recook the matsutake and radish soup which Hyun Joong did wrongly...
Sheungri: Since Daesung hyung acted in Family Outing, he starts to be more involve in financial management
Caption: Started to invest
Sheungri: What is the reason?
Hyori: noona introduce to him
Caption: It is noona that introduce to him
Jung Shin: Normally can't notice but actually Daesung is very clever

Hyori: Then you, you also did all these right?
Hyun Joong: Last time I buy properties and shares.
Caption: So, it means Hyun Joong is also doing financial management
Caption: Properties! Shares!
Jung Shin: Really?
Hyun Joong: invest in shares lost a lot
Caption: All the shares were lost
Jung Shin: You did whatever you can think of
Hyun Joong: Yes, I did a lot of things
Caption: How did you invest...
Hyun Joong: Last time come back from Japan, ate one brand of instant noodle
Caption: It started from eating Ramyun!
Hyun Joong: Found that the brand of ramyun is very delicious
Caption: Think that this brand is delicious~
Hyun Joong: This ramyun will definitely make a great sale in future
Caption: This ramyun will be a successful ramyun
Hyun Joong: So never even thinking
Hyun Joong: Invest all in this
Hyori: Because the ramyun is delicious?
Caption: Never even think then invest in shares!
Hyun Joong: Really after eating feel that this ramyun is not so simple
Caption: This doesn't look like a normal ramyun??
Hyun Joong/caption: The next day, that company's product met with a crisis
Hyun Joong: The share price then continue to drop drop drop drop
Caption: During that day drop suddenly
Jung Shin: Your have big guts
Caption: Quite big guts, character...
Hyori: Still fail in what? How come think that he is very dangerous?
Jung Shin: Isn't it you open a fried chicken shop?
Caption: Even fried chicken shop also did before...
Hyun Joong: It has already close down
Caption: (So cool) close down, now!
Caption: Cut the remaining matsutake thinly
Caption: Bake matsutake
Hyori: Turn the fire smaller
Hyori: Oppa! If you are not sleeping then come out
Caption: Oppa~
Caption: If not sleeping! Then come out!
Hyori: Natural matsutake x 2
MC: Oh! Is it?
Caption: Immediately har?!
Caption: Where did you find it!
Hyori: When we climb up to the mountain, we found it
MC: Really?
MC: Sheungri, is this natural?
Caption: (Suspicious) Sheungri ah! Is this really natural?
Hyun Joong: Really!
Caption: Can't be help, he was bluffed for not just once or twice...
Hyori: We tries before
MC try the matsutake
Hyori/caption: Nice right?
MC/Caption: Oh, not bad ah!

Jung Shin: Jea Suk ah, both of them don't know my songs
Caption: (Sigh) this 2 kids don't even know my songs
MC: Sheungri ah, you don't know?
Hyori: Shin Sheng Wu, Lee Sheung Jia sunbae's song also know
Jung Shin: Only don't know my songs
MC: My wedding ceremony
Jung Shin: It's 'Your wedding ceremony'
Red caption: Puzzled
MC: oh that one 'Before confess'
Hyun Joong: Where is the fry pan?
Caption: Move eye sight away
MC: Don't know?
Hyun Joong: Only know 'Red bean ice'
Caption: Hyun Joong until now still only know 'Red beam ice'
MC: How to sing?
Hyun Joong: Take up the red bean ice, turn and turn
Caption: Em? stir it?
MC: Turn?
Jung Shin: shave, shave
Jung Shin: turn and turn is what?
Caption: In this case Sheungri also~
Sheungri: bean ice red bean ice don't melt don't melt
Caption: Don't melt don't melt
Hyun Joong: Is it don't melt?
MC: What do you think then?
Hyun Joong: Don't die don't die
Caption: Don't die!
MC: Bean ice red bean ice don't die don't die
Caption: Red bean ice ah... Don't die... Don't die...

Hyori: Oppa, try this soup, I put in the matsutake mushroom
Caption: At least yangyang perfect matsutake radish soup
MC: Natural type, the fragrance is nice
Caption: full with anticipation and drink
Jung Shin: No need to put any other things also ok
MC: How come it is a little sour?
Hyori: Sour?
Jung Shin: This is natural mushroom, you never eat before right?
Caption: (ignore) you never eat before right?
MC: Sour right?
Hyori: Not sour, very delicious
Caption: Hyori, Jung Shin praise!
MC: Hyun Joong you try drinking
Sheungri: Very nice
Caption: Knock the SOS to Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong: very delicious
Jung Shin: very delicious
MC: Sheungri try it
Caption: So, for Sheungri is?
Caption: of course stand at the side of the authority
MC: Your taste buds are the best
Red caption: Same taste

MC: Have you heard about
MC: Originally in Bigbang, Sheungri was disqualified in the beginning
Caption: During Bigbang competition,Sheungri who was originally disqualified
Jung Shin: Really?
MC: Correct? Sheungri?
Sheungri: Em. Correct
MC: After that join again right?
Sheungri: I find it too pity
Caption: But reason of became Bigbang is?
Sheungri: Infront of President Yang
Sheungri: I use my persuasive mouth
caption: infront of President Yang
Caption: use my persuasive skill to make him agree
Hyori: Use persuasive
Jung Shin: Use persuasive
MC: What did you say?
Sheungri: Infront of President Yang
Sheungri: President, I definitely need to join into Bigbang
Sheungri: If you choose me, I will show to you my performance

MC: Hyun Joong, you never went for audition?
Caption: On the other hand, what about Hyun Joong?
Hyun Joong: Me? They ask me to come on the next day
Caption: For me is telling me to come the next day no matter what!
Caption: Both are new comers how come...
MC: Sheungri ah, very different from yours
Caption: Hyun Joong not even need to see already been selected
MC: Hyun Joong is like this
MC: Hyun Joong once you see him will know he is the type which will be directly selected
MC: Ask Hyun Joong to come on the next day
Hyun Joong/caption: I thought need to interview
Hyun Joong Also didn't ask me to sing
Hyun Joong: the director once seen me then ask
Hyun Joong: What is your height, 180
caption: No need to sing and also no need to dance
Hyun Joong: Weight, Stay where, from tomorrow start to come
Caption: Height, weight, ask about family condition
Caption: immediately ask me to come the next day!
Caption: How come.... become a comparison....
MC: Sheungri ah
MC: Eyes is wet
Caption: His eyes started to wet
Blue Caption: tear going to drop

MC: Before coming, President Yang didn't say anything?
Caption: What did President Yang say before you come to Family Outing?
Sheungri: He said
MC: What did he say?
Sheungri: Sheungri ah, when you go to variety show, talk less
Caption: You go to perform your skill, don't talk!!!
Hyori: Don't let to talk why send here
MC: Sucj a young kid
Caption: Crying look crying look
MC: Nevermind nevermind
Sheungri: There's more
MC: What what?
Sheungri: Sheungri ah, during Bigbang interview, don't get the mike
Caption: If Bigbang has special interview, don't ever take the mike
MC: Sheungri ah, sit down first, sit down to cool down
MC: Give him one back mushroom to eat
Caption: Sheungri ah... no matter what you are the best....
Hyori: He ate before
MC: Even Hyun Joong also bring food for you
Caption: Can be how sad, even Hyun Joong...

MC: Then Hyun Joong's president
Caption: Then, Hyun Joong's president?
Hyori: Come to variety show he didn't say anything?
Hyun Joong: President don't even know I join what variety show
Caption: What is my artistic flare he also don't know
MC: Hyun Joong also, Sheungri also
MC: Normally rush for activities has no chance to meet
Caption: Both also is busy with activity, to meet is very difficult
MC: When meet Hyun Joong oppa in activity what is the feeling?
Caption: What do you think of Hyun Joong hyung?
Sheungri: Very good
Sheungri: This is the first time I speak my heart felt words
Caption: Originally feelings confession?
Sheungri: After debut
Sheungri: During the time when SS501, DBSK, Super Junior is around
Sheungri: I think this is the war between man's pride
Caption: A lot of new comers will have some minor competition of owns pride
Sheungri: After standing, even greetings also like this, have a mental games.
Caption: even greetings also must have charm!
Hyori/caption: Sheungri ah, it is only you who are playing mental games
Hyori: Do you have such feeling also?
Hyun Joong/Caption: Even I see my junior I also will make a 90 degree bow
Sheungri: Suddenly... Become very funny...
MC: Why did you play mental games alone
Hyori: Why play mental game alone
Red caption: Complicated

MC: Hyun Joong, what is your hobby?
Hyun Joong: Hobby is read comic
Caption: Hyun Joong interest is "read comic"
MC: Read comics
Hyun Joong: In comic book stores
MC: The comic which you are reading currently is?
caption: Comic that read recently is?
Hyun Joong: I read adult comic.
Hyori/Caption: Oh! Adult comic!
Caption: The atmosphere suddenly become tense...
Hyori: Jea Suk oppa also like
MC: JiHoo Sunbae's turning red
Caption: even person who ask become shy~
MC: JiHoo Sunbae's facing
MC: JiHoo Sunbae and me is same
Caption: even the person who talk also shy~
Hyun Joong: When go to comic shop, the adult comic called 'Money war' is very interesting
Caption: Starting from that famous 'War of money'...
Jung Shin: War of money
It is a very popular adult comic
Hyori: Adult comic then must have those?
Caption: Adult comic have many types
MC: It is not

Hyori: What about Sheungri?
Sheungri: Me? Read books
Caption: Sheungri 's hobby?
Caption: Trust or not, read books
MC: Read what type of books
Sheungri: 'Winning habits'
MC: Reading is good
Caption: really like Sheungri
Caption: even when reading books also read book with the same name
MC: Winning habit, the name very suitable for you
MC: Is there any lines which you think you love most? i.e. something special that you have feeling
Caption: Part which have the most feeling
Hyori: Aren't you say when read an interesting part, you will draw line
Sheungri: in page 137, there's this sentence
MC: Very accurate, what is that?
Sheungri: Let yourself win with confidence
Caption: I must have confidence in myself
Hyori: Not you scripted yourself right?
Caption: still continue to say something...
Sheungri: Because of that sentence, I go until now
Caption: (That confidence) because of that I come here
Hyori: The book which Sheungri read, seems to be not existence
Hyori: Waht else?
Caption: Sheungri's book is all with this topic?
Sheungri: "Scheming theory"
Caption: How come that book he reads are of this type of topic...
MC: You are so young, don't read one type of books only, must also read other types of book
Sheungri/caption: My hand always move to that direction, no choice
MC: Other than "Scheming theory', what else?
Sheungri: Unsolved mystery
MC: Do you have any thoughts of like I am stronger than Hyun Joong
Caption: comparing Hyun Joong and me, which is better
Sheungri/caption: i know Hyun Joong hyung's weak point
Hyori: What?
Sheungri/caption: Hyun Joong hyung don't have personal mimic skill
MC/caption: Sheungri, you have personal mimic skill?
Sheungri: mimic Yun Sang Hun hyung
Caption: 2009 Movie hero Yun Sang Hun (information provider MBC)
Yun: Ajuma, I am Tai Hong, where are you
Sheungri: Ajuma, I don't feel good. Let me sing a song for you 'stroll'
Caption: It is not like this
Sheungri: and also Kim Jong Sook
Caption: immediately change, mimic Kim Jong Sook
Hyori: mimic mimic
Sheungri: Mimic this word, make me stomach ache
Sheungri/caption: stomach stomach a little bit pain~pain
MC: Sheungri ah
MC: Do you practice personal mimic skill alone?
MC: Didn't show to surrounding people
Jung Shin: Must help him
Caption: Hope to bring a confirmation back...
Hyori: You must help him
MC: You did well, but
Jung Shin/caption: This is all his scheming theories
caption: Sheungri's stand is just a scheme only
MC: Sheungri, you are the best
Hyori: Sheungri now think that following his scheming theory, other than him, everybody is nothing
Sheungri: According to my plan, everybody should have more reaction when I mimic Yun Sang Hun, laugh loudly when mimicing Kim Jong Sook
Caption: According to my plan, infront of Yun Sang Hun must stay low
MC: Even plan the reaction
Hyun Joong/Caption: The most marvellous person
MC: Hyun Joong personal skill?
Hyun Joong: I can mimic Andrea Kim
Caption: Kim Hyun Joong mimic Andrea Kim
Hyun Joong: Andrea Kim teacher hate people mimic him
Caption: Although Andrea Kim teacher hate to be mimic...
Hyun Joong: I apologized to you here, this is the last time
MC: The last time
Hyun Joong: I participated in his fashion show
Hyori: Yes
Caption: Participated in Andrea Kim fashion show's SS501
Hyun Joong/caption: During that tme he stand infront of us and say one sentence
Hyun Joong: Kyu Joong is green dragon, have royalty feel
Caption: Kyu Jong is green dragon
Caption: represent the royalties in the palace
Red caption: Big success
Sheungri/caption: Hyung, sorry!
Sheungri: Really sorry
MC: Really very good
Caption: Immediately cancel off the sentence that Hyun Joong do not have personal mimic skill!!
MC: Sheungri ah! Not bad right?
Sheungri: I am sorry to you
Caption: Very sorry!
MC: Don't need to prepare for food?
Hyori: Almost ready
Caption: Before the food is ready, still talk so much nonsense...
MC: can start to serve already right?
MC: arrange the table please
MC: Sheungri ah! put in more effort
Caption: Anyway, Sheungri you are the best...
MC: If there's kimchi confirm it will be nicer
Hyori: Turn off the fire
Caption: Reheat the mushroom radish soup which had turn cold
Hyori: add in some salt
Caption: Spicy soup also go into final tasting

MC went to wake everybody up
MC: Brothers
Hyori/caption: If you wake up later there will be no more matsutake!
MC: Quickly come out!
MC: The food is ready, quickly come out
Caption: No matter what it is precious matsutake
MC: Quickly come out
Hyori: Hyun Joong ah, bowl and scoop
caption: Park's brother and sister is first to wake up
Jung Kook: is there matsutake?
Hyori: Natural type
Jung Kook: Really?
Caption: Full attention
Hyori: Found in the mountain
Caption: good to health after eaten
Hyori: eating matsutake is very nutritious
MC: Hyun Joong and Sheungri had work hard
Caption: No matter what both new comers are the breakfast main actors
Hyori: Oppa try this
Caption: Everybody give praises the matsutake
MC: Very delicious
someone: soup is delicious
Caption: Hyori busy eating and not even speak a sentence
Caption: Jong Kook continuous exclaimations and praises
Jong Kook: Matsutake is really nice
Caption: Just the mentioned of good the body, all family members will turn weak
MC: Just for a while the smell flow out
MC: Sheungri, why you look so tired?
Caption: Sheungri looked very tired
caption: stunned
MC: Sheungri is tired right?
Hyori: Oppa, there's a type of mushroom call white crown mushroom, after eat will laugh non stop
MC: Really
Hyori: Yes
MC: Must let the audience know
Caption: we decide to teach these to the audience
Caption: Even don't eat white crown mushroom, family outing has brought to us one day of laughters

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