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Family Outing Ep 65 Text Translation

Credit: (Chinese translation)nicehj + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

Starting from: Family Outing Ep65 Part 5/8

Caption infront of sleeping Sheungri & Leader: Idol who is still at the sweet and beautiful dreamland
Pink caption at sleeping leader: Flowery Sleep
MC: At last bought a new loud speaker
Caption: Using the new loud speaker to shoot with full force
Caption on Sheungri: Shocked Sheungri who had not awaken
Caption on the gals: Has more the enough effect on the Big sisters in the family
Caption on leader: JiHoo sunbae also woke up startled
MC: Today I press 2 times, 2 times then you wake up
Caption on Yun Jong Shin: Inner gongfu level 100 elder who can sleep when sitting

Sheungri walked out from room
Caption: The 1st to wake up today is ambitious youth, Sheungri
Sheungri walked towards MC
Caption: Without changing expression... move beside the person with authority
MC give a pat to his back
Caption: Sheungri ah, do you have a good sleep?
Sheungri: Hyori noona actually snore!
Caption: Hyori noona snores
Caption: To the family it is a norm
MC: Now then you know, now....

Hyori wake up and stand up
Hyori: Said I snored!
Caption: (Angry) Said I snored?
Hyori walked out of the room by stepping onto Jong Kook
Caption: Use force~
Caption: Unrelated Kook official suffered
Hyori: There's something at your sole, be careful
Caption: There's a foot stool, be careful

Hyori came out of room and start dancing Sheungri's dance
Caption: seems like don't know when snored but still dancing Sheungri's dance
MC: What style is this again?
Hyori: Oppa, oppa this morning you went to work?
Caption on Hyori: Morning job is ready?
MC: Of course! Don't you see the fishes over here?
Caption on seafood: Breakfast ingredient brought back from auction site
Hyori: It is true!

Scene back to Hyori dozing off
Caption: Zzz
Caption: Sit down to doze off during intervals
Kim Su Ro bring a bottle and water and pour right into
Caption: bip bip~
Caption: Shocked
Hyori: Got a shocked!
MC: This, today's mission is not others
MC: Using the survival style, see those thing infront
Caption: Legandary mission when 1st wake up! Using survival game style
MC: Using the survival style, you can see what's infront right?
Caption: Legendary mission when just wake up! Using survival game style
MC: Use your face to break a hole
Caption: In every round, the person who 1st broke a hole will win
MC: Fastest
MC: The person who using fastest speed to poke a hole, win
Kim Su Ro: Ah... Survival style
Hyori: Isn't it very ugly? Using the face to do
Caption: Grumbling... That's too disgraced, face!
Kim Su Ro/Caption: Won't have much difference from now

MC: So are you prepared?
Someone: Yes
MC: There's plastic sheets which is one layer and also 2 layers
MC: Start!
Caption: 1st round
Caption: Forget the moment of humiliation for now!
Caption: Not giving mercy of destroying owns image infront of plastic wrap
Caption: No exception even for Beautiful Flower Boy also!
Replaying scene again
Caption: Jung Kook who ran over 1st Passed
MC: Kim Jong Kook success
Caption: Jong Kok removed from breakfast duty
MC: Starting the next round. Commerates, quickly start the next round

All family go back to starting point
MC: Kim Jong Kook don't care whether there is broadcast anymore
Hyori: Kim Jong Kook, even you have won
Caption: (Bad mood) Don't care whether it is a TV program
MC: But there's still chances, chances to prepare food together with everybody
Caption: The 1st person to pass also has the crisis of being selected...
Caption: Immediately become humble
MC: Are you ready?

Everybody spread out in a line
Hyori: Hyung, change location with me
Caption: All are very sensitive towards the survival game
MC: Start!
Caption: 2nd round started
Caption: In order to get away from the breakfast duty
Caption: No choice but to sacrifice the face
Caption: Who will be the winner this round?
Show caps of different person, leader use his side face to break the plastic films
Caption: Game Monster broke a hole in just a while
MC: Kim Su Ro, Success!
Caption: Su Ro removed from breakfast duty
MC: No matter what, these 2 were the most formidable person in family outing
Caption: The 2 person who are most most healthy in the family...
Caption: As long as it will threaten own game, will risk at all cost

MC: That... Is Park Si Yeon's leg hurt?
Caption: Plea for special treatment for leg-pain Si Yeon ...
MC: Give in a little bit
Someone/Caption: She can run
Caption: limp limp
Yun Jong Shin: Very fast ah, very fast
Caption: To far fetch oh~ So fast ah!
Kim Su Ro: Lets allow Si Yeon to step infront 2 steps
Caption: (Special treatment) Let Si Yeon go forward 2 steps
MC: Emm... step forward 2 steps
MC: Kim Su Ro ssi...
Hyuri: You already won
MC: Now then mentioned right? Until now then...
Hyori: You won already, so must let Si Yeon run away
Caption on Su Ro: Being caught
Hyori: Let Si Yeon run away
MC: Start!

Caption: Immediately start the next round. START!
Everybody run towards plastic cling wrap
Caption: Even for guy to successful break through the plastic

film was also very difficult
Caption: At last the ladies also take up the callenge truthfully
Caption: Huo! Actress!
Caption: Nation fairy...
Caption: ladies and Hae Jin who don't care about humiliation's
MC: Who?
Hae Jin: Me
MC: Park Hea Jin ssi
Caption: Hye Jin remove from breakfast duty
Someone: Ai I really... ask you to use your face to break

Start next round
Caption: Following by this Hyun Joong easily pass!
Caption: Hyun Joong remove from breakfast duty
MC: Success!

Next round
MC: Start
Caption: Elder also risk his life to fight for success
MC: Jung Shin remove from breakfast duty
MC: Success!

MC: Now we left with 3 pax
MC: Now only left with Hyori, Si Yeon
Someone: try to use mouth to break but still could not break
MC: Start!
Si Yeong took Sheungri's side of plastic film
Sheungri: That originally is mine ah!
Caption: allow such a beautiful face
Caption: destroy into like this also
MC: look at Park Si Yeon, Park Si Yeon
Caption: Definitely must break through
Si Yeon trying very hard
Hyori/Caption: Are you alright?
MC: And also Sheungri
Hyori: Allow me to cover for you
Caption: If not because of some private reason, please enlarged the screen to view clearly
MC: Si Yeon ah, very good, Si Yeon Ah
Caption: Break through.... please....
MC: Could not ah, why it just don't break
Caption: (Crying look) really very hard to break through ah
Si Yeon: Really don't break
MC: No, this is Si Yeon's CF, no problem right?
Caption: Si Yeon and plastic wrap lonly struggle
MC: Sheungri success
MC: This must be the most beautiful screen
Caption: already done... up till this stage...
Caption: show that its is very sad...
Si Yeon & Hyori laughing at each other
MC: Si Yeon in charged of joking, Sheungri in charged of breaking through
Caption: (Satisfied) Si Yeon bring fun!
Replay Si Yeon & Sheungri scene
Caption: Si Yeon in charge of joking, Sheungri incharged of breaking through
Caption: (Full concentration) Has any meaning?
MC: Joke?

MC: Next is Hyori & Si Yeon, really to start
Caption: For the sake of laughters, even spoil image also not fear, beautiful actress Park Si Yeon
MC: Start
Caption: Final competition among the ladies!
MC: Lee Hyori SSi
Hyori: Si Yeon ah, you look at me, then you know how comical you are
Caption: Look at me, you will know how comical you are just now
Si Yeon saw it and broke into laughters
MC: True right? True right?
Hyori: Comical right? Comical right? You look like this
Caption: Quickly say I am very pretty now...
MC: Si Yeon ah, quickly break through
Blue Caption: Thin ice
MC: Si Yeon really make big sacrifice this morning
Caption: It is already too late to think of taking care of image now
Si Yeon: I really wish if there's someone who can help by pulling down a little bit more
Caption: (glum) it would be good if somebody can help me a little bit!
MC: Si Yeon ah, try doing it in opposite direction
Si Yeon: I think if the PA come for a while will be good
Caption: Po! Dong like this seems to be alright
MC: Really
Hyori: Just like what she said, use her head to hit the plastic film.
Caption: No matter what
MC: Si Yeon ah, here you go again
Caption: No matter what could not break through, super strong plastic film
Someone: Must be some problem
Si Yeon/Caption: Can't get through ah
MC: Si Yeon ah
Caption: Can't break through~ (polite form)
MC: Like going to cry
Jong Kook: try using your mouth to bite
Caption: just like this aim at the same location
Hyori: Bite it
MC: Bite it, tear it open
Caption: After listening this, horribly....
Caption: let out tongue, let out tongue
Caption: Panic Hyori also work hard...
MC: Really problematic, Hyori ah, that...
Red Caption: At this moment
Caption: Human world success Si Yeon Success
MC: Try a little harder, Hyori, Si Yeon has not ready yet!
MC: Try harder, try harder
MC: Si Yeon is still doing it, just a little bit
Caption: bluff by Jea Suk's word still trying hard
Caption: Aiya...
MC: Hyori ah, just lack a little bit more, quickly break it
MC: Hyori ah, Hyori ah
Hyori: Where has she gone?
Hyori realise the MC bluff her, went over to kick him
MC: Lee Hyori, Selected
Caption: Hyori! Won Breakfast duty!
Hyori: Now Jung Shin oppa and Jae Suk oppa is the replacement
Caption: Jung Shin oppa, Jae Suk oppa become the replacement
Blue Caption: Huddle
MC: Where is Jung Shin oppa
MC: My name was listed by Empress Lee Hyori
Caption: My name was given by Empress Lee Hyori

Hyori: everybody stand up
Caption: Authority belongs to Empress Lee Hyori
MC: Quickly stand up!
Red caption: All members obey!
Hyori: Quickly stand up!
Caption: want to select person to prepare breakfast together
Hyori: Si Yeon rest first, since her leg is not well
Caption: Leg-pain Si Yeon is excluded
Si Yeon: Thank you!
MC: Empress then me?
Caption: (Anticipation) Empress... then me?
Hyori: Stand there
Jung Kook: Really don't feel good ah, don't stand at my side
Caption: Now selecting the helper
Hyori: Must pick 2 person
Hyori: Please describe the look of my face when I just wake up
Caption: (Sudden question) Just awaken Hyori face is?
MC/Caption: My ideal
Caption: Answer correctly felt a bit relief
Jong Shin/Caption: Beautiful Artist Work
Blue caption: Satisfied
Jong Kook/caption: a.. a flower in the morning
Red caption: bad mood
Hyori: Why you fluster when talking?
Jung Kook: Fluster?
Jung Kook: A firey flower
Hyori: firey
Caption: pouring all praising word
Hyori: Hyun Joong?
Caption: JiHoo sunbae?
Hyun Joong: Baby skin
Caption: Baby skin!
Caption: Ai ya~
Hyori in cloud 9, jumping and dancing
Hyori: This is the best. Hyung Joong you really most understand
Hyori/Caption: Oh~ you are laughing oh?
Caption: Straighten expression
MC: Hyun Joong quite understand
MC: Oh, you laugh
Caption: Finally reach the final decision time
Hyori: First, between both idols, one must stay back
Hyori: Sheungri selected
Caption: Sheungri! Won!
Hyori: Sheungri, you actually wanted to come right?
Sheungri: Yes
Caption: You want to do right?
Hyori: In the fixed member would select one more
Caption: Next person, I will select one of the fixed member
Red caption: Very
Hyori: Hae Jin rest first, isn't it you have done morning duties?
Caption: Hae Jin exluded also!
Hyori/caption: Su Ro oppa did it last week right? Then this week just rest
MC: Last week I also did it
Caption: Last week's breakfast duty personnel immediately voice opinion
Jung Kook: Me too
Hyori: then Jea Suk oppa please rest
MC (bow): oh... Thank you
Caption: truthfully Thank You
Hyori: Do things for too long
MC: very thank you
Hyori: Jung Kook oppa also rest
Caption: (human heart) Jong Kook oppa also rest!
Jong Kook: Thank you
Caption: Thankful, very thank you
Si Yeon: President is really generous
Jong Kook: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Caption: Get the excuse rights, their neck slowly...
Hyori/Caption: Ok, today 4 person do it together
Hyori: Hyun Joong come, Oppa also come
Caption: Like this group the 4 singers together...
Caption: Korea best singers, bring their good mood, start to talk none stop to prepare for breakfast
MC: It is quite good to do together in 4s
Hyori: Yes

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