Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Youtube] SS501 in Taiwan JKpop Craze (23092009)

23092009 SS501 in JKpop craze Taiwan - include the making of photobook video
Credit: BEST6SHINee9@youtube
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Taiwan JKpop Craze was showing SS501 yesterday. Since it is in mandarin, I will roughly explain about the video for the benefits of none chinese speaker. The front part of the video explain about Leader's H1N1 case, the host roughly explained the whole process that leader was quarantined in Japan and was back to Korea after recuperate. Something strange from the video is the host actually mentioned that Leader did went to some holiday/retreat place to rest??!! When we see reports from news that he was resting at home. Hmm.... I wonder who is correct.

After that you see them showing a CD right, that is the Super Hits! (CD + DVD) Deluxe Commemorate Edition (Taiwan Edition). It is to commemorate SS501 for gaining the 1st place in Sales for 2009 and also winning 1st in most charts in Taiwan. Other than the same songs included in the previous version of 'Super Hits!'. This CD also include 2 more songs, which are 'Take U High' and 'In Your Smile'.

In this new CD, they also include some special video clips during their visit in Taiwan, according to the host, they will include parts of their interview with media reporters also. I wonder whether they will include the interview portion in Trendy magazine, remember we read of some very interesting things in the interview of Trendy Magazine. The Tom & Jerry fight & the tidbits section etc... Oh, before I forget, this album release will include a special 40 pages photobook which includes new photographs they shoot during their visit in Taiwan.

Note: According to description in YesAsia, the exact content in the DVD are:
  • Taiwan Press Conference
  • Taiwan Media Interviews
  • Photo Shoot Location
  • SS501 Behind Scenes
  • SS501 Offstage

  • Then in the final part of the video, they showed the making of this CD's photobook, while SS501 members are doing the photoshooting. I always like to look at them when taking photographs, they seems to have so much fun in the whole process and they are so cool when posing!! ^^

    Oh, for the 1st limited released of this album, it also includes a free 18.5 x 13.5cm sticker. YesAsia has pre-order for this album now. You can buy it here. Otherwise, ask your friends going to the Taiwan concert/Friends in Taiwan to help you buy all these albums. ^^ It will definitely cost cheaper than buying from YesAsia. Singapore TS can wait for it to release in CD shops since the rest of the SS501 Taiwan version album had already been selling HOT in Singapore, but I don't know whether they will bring in together with the free gift.... :(

    This is the photo of the sticker included in this album.

    Oh! By the way, YesAsia is also taking preorders for DEJA VU (CD+DVD) (Deluxe Edition) (Taiwan Version) and FIND (CD+DVD) (Deluxe Edition) (Taiwan Version) . According to CD record stores in Taiwan, the first press limited edition for both of the CD will include a Dejavu poster and Find Poster respectively. I am not sure whether YesAsia will include the poster in these 2 CD since they didn't mention it like in the commemorate CD. If you don't have these 2 CD, this is the best time to buy it since the CD comes with a DVD which include MV of the songs.

    Sorry if you find me too long winded.... LOL.....


    mwu said...

    thx for give the info...
    woaaa just check YA...
    hahah so many things released at the same time.. 2nd album next month too... dvd about their photoshoot in malaysia is next month to...
    gyaaaaa failed again to water my money tree... XD

    why they like to release all of taht at the same time.. wanna kill us.. kkkkkk....

    Mini UFO said...

    Buy the one which you like first then slowly water the money tree to buy more. Haha! The CD at least won't cost as much as photobooks. Photobooks are expensive!!

    I wonder whether the DVD will have english subtitle, if not then it will be so sad since I would not be able to understand what they say again. bohoo....