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More text translation for Family Outing (Leader picking up sea cucumber)

I realised I missed out on the most interesting part also - Leader picking up sea cucumber! By the way, if you want to know the conversation of Leader with Hyori, please go to Liezle's Blog. As for the conversation when Leader doing the high jump & with Daesung, see here.


Credit: (Chinese translation) MRET
English translation:
Please repost with full credits.

Shirbogirl Part 4/8
From 9:25

MC: Then, Ji Hoo Sunbae
Hyun Joong: Yes
Caption: Flower Boy Yoon Ji Hoo
MC: JiHoo Sunbae
Caption: This person is going to handle the sea cucumber
Caption: It is JanDi's multi-purpose JiHoo Sunbae ah...
Someone talking behind: Wa... that fingers
Leader trying to reach for the cucumber and pull back eventually
Caption/Hyun Joong: Ah... I am going crazy!!
Caption: Can't do it...
Yun Jong Shin: Ah... Hyun Joongie...
Caption: Careful, careful
MC: Aren't you very tough in the drama?
Yun Jong Shin: It won't bite
Yun Jong Shin: Just catch it
Leader giving up
Hyun Joong: Oh... Really...
Leader trying again
Caption: Undecisive for awhile
Yun Jong Shin: Do it slowly
Red caption: Hand fiddling around!
MC: Don't do it in a hurry
Leader try to reach but give out eventually
Caption/Hyun Joong: I am really going crazy!!
Caption: JiHoo Sunbae, his image is not like this ah...
MC: JiHoo Sunbea in the drama is
Yun Jong Shin: Like what?
MC: He is fearless
Caption: Sea cucumber, how does it feel like?
Caption: It is like butterfly* and I don't like them (the chinese translation I have says butterfly, but I remember reading some news saying it is moth)
Kim Su Ro: Try to explain
Yun Jong Shin: This is totally different from butterfly*
Caption/Hyori: When reaching night time, thousands of butterflies* will come!
MC: There's a lot of butterflies* at night
Leader making another attempt reluctantly
Caption: Surprisingly full of fear Ji Hoo Sunbae, it is like the arrival of fate
Caption: One sea cucumber
Caption: Like JanDi in the drama
Leader holding fist lowering down to the sea cucumber
Caption: Wanted to reach but yet could not reach...
Caption: Wanted to catch but could not catch...
Caption: And once again, can only look at...
Caption: The sad love story of JiHoo Sunbae
Caption: Flower like Sea Cucumber
Leader giving out again
Red Caption/Hyun Joong: I really can't do it!
Caption: Anxious voice
Jong Kook: can't touch Top, are you closed with Top?
Hyori: Yes, closed
MC: Ah... but really
Caption/MC: for very long never heard Hyun Joong's hoarse voiced
MC: I really can't touch it
Caption: Excited excited
Somebody say: Lets see Jae Seok do it
MC: Hyun Joong ah
Somebody say: Lets see Jae Seok do it
MC: JiHoo Sunbae, JiHoo Sunbae, you must calm down
Caption: For the sake of the fearful JiHoo Sunbae
MC: You have a big shock right?
Caption: the more fearful Jae Seok is coming!
MC: You know I am timid right?
MC: If I can do it, you can do it also
Somebody say: Sea cucumber
Caption: bragging to come out
Caption: after thinking carefully... coming out is unnecessary
Hyori: Oppa
Caption/Hyori: Can you see Sheungri's expression?
Caption (Screen showing Sheungri face): No matter what can't understand
MC: Sheungri.. you are disappointed in me right?
Yun Jong Shin: Sheungri, you can do it right?
Sheungri: Of course I can do it
Yun Jong Shin: Try it once
Caption/MC: Argh...
Caption: Why look at Hyun Joong's expression?
Sombody say: Yes, it is nothing, just pick it up
Caption: Angry, making things difficult
Jong Kook: Quickly pick it up
MC: Ok
Caption/MC: Ya! The chap that show the arms!
Jong Kook: How cound you can't even do that?
Caption: Different from Hyun Joong, unending protest
Jong Kook: Just pick it up one shot
MC: Ok
Caption: With loud shoutings!
MC: Look at this thing
Yun Jong Shin: Hold it tightly
MC: Hyun Joong ah
Caption: Moving moving
Yun Jong Shin: It is alive
Caption: Now, JiHoo Sunbae will handle it!
Hyori: Handle it
Yun Jong Shin: Go! do it!
Caption: Uneasy
Somebody say: Don't use too much force
MC: Oh.. what's that?
Hyori: Sea water
Red caption: Stiff
Somebody say: A lot of water flow out
Somebody say: It might be fainted
Leader cutting the sea cucumber using another hand pressing on the sea cucumber
Caption: Only pretend to use his hand
Caption/Hyun Joong: Because the water flow out now the feel is better!
MC: Are you ok?
MC: Do we need to wash it in the water?
Caption: That MC that is walking towards the water pipe
Hyun Joong: It is done
Hyori: Oppa is more passionate today
MC: Hello
Yun Jong Shin: I knew you will do that
MC: you slim down
Jong Kook: Ya, of course
Caption: (Sorry I don't understand the chinese trans also!)
Yellow caption/MC: Jong Kook's dressing today is suitable to walk the red carpet!
Caption: Start to debate about Jong Kook's costume again
Jong Kook: Don't say it again! Why are you like this?
MC: It's really like a gown
Caption: This time if go to Drama Festival Award ceremony, this type of place
Caption: You can win Hye Su noona
Caption: Currently this is Jong Official's image
Hyori: Taste this
Caption: Freshly catch seafood
Hyori: Sheungri, try this
Jong Kook: Wah... this is not bad, it is not very hard
MC: Very fresh, very good
Caption/MC: Sheungri, how is it?
Sheungri: Very nice
MC: Very nice right?
Caption/Sheungri: Miraculously, 1st time eating!
MC & Yun Jong Shin: Sea cucumber... 1st try?
MC: How does it taste like?
Sheungri: Taste nice
Caption: Now it is to decide the errand team which everybody shun
Hyori: Ok, who's going to the market
MC: Going?
Yun Jong Shin: Em...I want to run away, so today I will go out also
MC: I also thinking of going out today
Caption: What happen...?
Sheungri: I also want to go out
Caption: All in a sudden the market team is formed!
MC & Yun Jong Shin: Ok, then, let's go out
MC: I am thinking of running away quickly
MC: Then all 3 of us go out
Caption: Ridiculous! How could you be so united?
Hyori: Hyun Joong? Are you going out?
Hyun Joong: Going out
Caption/Hyori: Then I am going out, together with Hyun Joong


The rest have nothing to do with Leader so I won't translate. From all these translations, I guess it almost include most part of the video. Now we just have to wait for the subbed version to be out then we can rewatch with captions! ^^


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