Monday, September 21, 2009

More photographs of Leader in 'Family Outing'

New photographs from syys17@SS601. She added in more screen caps of leader trying to pick up the seafood from the buckle. ^^


Credit: syys17 + SS601
Please repost with full credit.

Who is the secret guest for Family Outing for this episode?

Leader's Prince-like appearance. He actually wore a suit (so hot!! >.<)

Look at his bicep muscle! Wow!

Leader looked shy infront of his Hyori Noona

Leader looked charming even under water.... ^.*

Leader trying hard to win

Other than insects, leader is also scared of needles....
No wonder he don't dare to put his hands in....
His expressions were 'priceless' ^.*

Leader the sashimi chef

Leader trying hard to please his Hyori noona.
The mood was so good and romantic especially on the cliff,
I can't help but keep noticing him stealing glances at her ^.~

But..... the romantic mood was spoilt by.... SHIT! LOL!

Look at him! Trying to act cool infront of his Hyori Noona!

LOL for this! He kept pulling the top part of the dress!

Obedient leader helping out his Hyori noona all the time

Leader showing off his dance move and his super jump!
He looked so proud after doing the actions!

The way he handled the knife was so dangerous!

And we will end this series of photographs with his 1000MW smile!

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