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[Mag] SS501 in Easy Magazine Oct 2009 - Hyung Joon Portion

Credit: (Scanned Magazine) + (English translation)
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Kim Hyung Joon x 10 Keywords
KW1 Baby

In one variety show Hyung Joong mentioned that his friends called him as 'Baby Joon', the reason is because of his impeccable look and also since he is the youngest and look like a baby.

KW2 Hyung Hyung
Affectionate title called by his fans. Originated from his name 'Hyung Joon' and evolved to 'Hyung Hyung'.

KW3 Cute
As the maknea, he automatically takes on the 'Cute role'. Once in a program in Japan, in order to sell his own album, he had to act cute infront of all the audience.

KW4 Petty
In fan meeting, being selected by team members as 'the most stingy' members,because most of the time when going out to eat, he would not volunteer to pay. In actual fact of course the rest of his elder brothers would not let the maknea pay.

KW5 Mirror
Most fans would think that Young Saeng who cares a lot of his own image would be the person who most liked to look in mirrors, but in actual fact, it is actually Hyung Joon.

KW6 Getting married
Hyung Joon's sweet talk do not lose to Jung Min. In Taiwan's fan meeting when the host ask about his opinion of the local girl, Maknea Hyung Joon answered: "If I grow older, I want to marry all of you." causing the audience to high to the tip.

KW7 Victim
As the youngest in the team, Hyung Joon practically become the victim under the hands of his elder brothers. Even during his birthday, the other 4 members would also join hands to tease him, especially quarrelling with Jung Min, making his fans feel sorry for him and like him.

KW8 Ideal type
Famous for his love for food, even when choosing his ideal type of lady, Hyung Joon just wants a girl that would cook for him and a gentle girl.

KW9 Andrewe Kim's voice
Flower boy looks Hyung Joon has a shocking speciality, that is everytime when he woke up, his sweet voice would become coarse like the Korea famous clothes designer Andrew Kim.

KW10 Wierd habit
Jung Min once exposed in fan meeting saying one of the team member has very weird habit. When going to public bath, he do not take out his panties. When Hyung Joon heard that, he deny it by acting dumb. Eventually he was still exposed by Jung Min.

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