Monday, September 21, 2009

New batch of Animated GIF for 'Family Outing'

Warning! You are going to be overload with GIF in this post! ^^ Thanks for 쭝깍지@SS601 for sharing this sets of GIF! Now, be prepare for the special moment of our charming prince - Hyun Joong! and..... remember to prepare some tissue to stop your drooling.... LOL!


Credit: 쭝깍지@SS601
Please repost with full credit. Do not resize or edit pictures.

Leader mentioning that he is fear of the sea as long as
it is deeper than his forehead and also he is fear of sharks.
This is the 2nd time we heard about this after WGM! LOL!!!

The way he wore the dive suit was very cute ^.*

Even the MC can't help but to lend him a hand....
who wish to dress him up... ^.*

Dazzlingly charming Hyun Joong even in dive suit!

Revealing the charming prince ^^

Did you received a 1000MW electric shock when seeing him? ^^

Beautiful image couple with the background music

Hyun Joong's shy looked when the MC Yu kept calling him
JiHoo Sunbae and singing 'almost paradise....'

Yes, I agree.... he is our Water Prince..... ^^

Looking cool even getting a deep breath....

Getting into his form

Getting competitive.....

Swimming class.... haha!

His hair looked like seaweed after getting out from the sea ^_^

Giving his applause..... cute cute...

Cute... Haha!

Leader going all out to win! Look at his mouth!
He opened it so widely!! ^.~

Turn... turn... turn.... and he turned into the sea..... ^^

Leader was cajoled into picking up a sea cucumber from the pool of seafood

Trying trying in a fearful look

Look at everybody's attention on him and his reaction after attempting.... Cute.....

The person that is fearless in everything but insects.....
look at his expression..... so cute....

Aww.... you feel like giving him a pet on his head right....

Hyun Joong: I am not going to do it!

Scared out of his life..... hahaha.....

Leader cutting the sea cucumber using his funny cutting method

Romantic moment with his Hyori noona

Leader being possessed by Bruce Lee?! LOL!
Looked at his proud look after plugging the corn!

Remodelling Kim Hyun Joong

Tada! Let us present..... Princess....
Opps! It's Prince Hyun Joong! >.<

LOL!!!! Leader in pink dress and his figure is as slim as a lady!!!

Look at his hand dragging the top part constantly.... ^^

He seemed to enjoy wearing the dress!

Helping out in cleaning wearing the pink dress >.<

Leader trying out his stunt

Leader and his high jump! He is amazing!

The way he cut the vegetable was similar in the Solo Collection MV also. Haha!

Leader enjoying the yummy food
prepared by his Hyori noona....

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Min said...

Hihi, thanks so much for posting so many adorable pics of leader & ss501..really appreciate it..sorry to bother u but i have a tricky issue, ie somehow i can only save all the gifs as png..kinda bummed tat i can't view all ur great gifs..would it be alrite if u give us the link where we can get the gifs so as not to trouble u to repost or anything like that..thanks so much! cheers!