Friday, September 25, 2009

[Youtube] SS501 in Pai Story

I remember watching an interview show which SS501 members mentioned that they have done voice acting for the animation 'Pai Story'. While looking at some videos in Youtube today, I found these video clips of their voice acting in 'Pai Story'. It is fun listening to their voice while watching the animation. ^^

These video has been there since 1 year ago, before I get to know about SS501. (^.*) Some of you might have seen this but I guess you won't mind watching again. :P


Credit: hyungjunangel @youtube

Leader part

Kyu Jong Part

Jung Min Part

Hyung Joon Part

Credit: fizajaemin@youtube

SS501 voice in Pai Story (Combination of the above 4 video)

The Making of Pai Story

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Janaya said...

Thanks for posting this! I remember looking for cuts of the movie a while back but I couldn't find any. And I think the movie was done in '07 yeah? o_o;

They did a really great job! Better voice acting than the voice acting of 98% English dubbed anime, sadly enough.

And Leader was right, he does sound like a perv XD;