Friday, September 25, 2009

20090923 Music High Fraud Case

Credit: SS501's music high + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜 + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

In 23 Sept 2009's Music High

Today I feel a little happiness. Emm...... actually it is nothing much.
In the morning, suddenly got a call from our manager hyung.
He sounded very urgent. With very anxious voice he said:

"Hyung Joong ah! Kyu Jong is not feeling well!"

Suddenly heard that my team mate was sick.
And it is not any other person, it is Kyu Jong falling sick. Errr.....
This is why I was shocked once hearing this news.

"Ah..... Is it true....?" (Crying tone....

Because I was too sad, my emotion suddenly welled up...
No matter what he is our team mate ah, a team mate who is like a brother is sick now, my tears started to flow out.
Therefore, I cried....
Really very very sad. Ah.... something serious has happened.... I am thinking in this way...

They said they bluffed me! Once again, I was cheated again.... I am really....
Ah... When I think of that time it was a bit.... Em....~
Our president, manager hyung and Kyu Jong,
all 3 of them discuss together to bluff me!!!
This three person did so. All three of them together.

Kyu Jong ah, No matter how I think it couldn't be you!!!

I have never thought that the President would also do this.
Our president... I hate you. Wuuwuuu...
Was really shocked. After knowing that I was cheated, I cried for awhile.
From this I know my real team mate, I can feel how precious SS501 members are to me.
Especially today when they said something like this about Kyu Jong ssi,
I am even more aware of the preciousness of Kyu Jong ssi.^^


I saw this article in SS601 yesterday afternoon, but I can't understand all these 'weird symbols'. LOL. I am happy when I saw the translation in Thanks for Elsa菜 for sharing such a nice piece of news with us.

Once again, our Maknea Hyung Joon was cheated again! This is the nth time he was cheated. Sigh.... I really pity him.... But they are really bad to play with this kind of joke. Of all things, joke about a person who is so precious to you falling sick. I can feel how worried he was during the time. From this, we can see how gentle and caring our Maknae is. Even though he was cheated for so many times, most of the time, he choose to believe them because he trusted them.

Kyu Jong is getting more and more playful recently, haha........ ^^


quynh_perfectionist said...

aww that really is sweet. not only is baby soo caring for kyu jong but he also shows how much he loves the rest of the members...ss501 really is a big family, very close to each other

bad kyujong >.< i would have expected jung min...haha still cute though

thanks for this...

lipton_td said...

thank you for your hard working. I feel really sorry to magnae for that cheat, he's always a victim of a group and now even the president and manager. They should not treat him like that while he cares so much about his precious brothers and be a sensitive kid as well XD. He's actually a baby who can easily drop tears. I love this part.
however absolutely other members very love him as well. no one can hate that cute boy<3
thanks again^^

liezle said...

hi cagali! I hope you don't mind me sharing this again in my blog. been dying to know since last night what the text are and finally i found it in your precious blog. thanks!