Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you get enough of 'Family Outings'?

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Credit: As tagged

Leader cool appearance in his favourite colour - black!

Games to compete which team can reach the squid ring fastest.
Guess who won this game?

Leader was asked to pick up the sea cucumber from the buckle full of seafood.
As usual he showed his fears and end up not picking up anything.

Taking a stroll with his favourite Hyori noona.
Wonder what 4D words he had talked to her to make her keep laughing.

Leader enjoying himself with his favourite Hyori noona.
I wonder what are they talking about?

Leader stepped on shit during his walk! LOL!

Leader showing off infront of his Hyori noona
with his special corn plugging

Dinner time

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Anonymous said...

love his smile (and laughter) so so much :x :x :x