Monday, September 28, 2009

[Fancam] SS501 at Wonder+Full Korea Concert

More fancams are shared in SS601. This time I found some which focus more on Jung Min. We have been missing him so much, aren't you glad to see him again?


Credit: Double Baby 유연 + yisaya86@youtube + 유연@SS601

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20090927 Jung Min singing 'If you can't" in Wonder+Full Korea Concert

20090927 Jung Min singing 'Because I am stupid" in Wonder+Full Korea Concert

20090927 Jung Min dancing sexy dance in Wonder+Full Korea Concert

It is great to see Jung Min back in team. Haha! Look at how he 'kicked' Kyu Jong after he asked the audience to cheer for him to do the sexy dance. LOL.

20090927 SS501 Interview Session at Wonder+Full Korea Concert - Members' nickname

Kyu Jong hit Young Saeng when he was trying to reveal his nickname. :P
Look at Baby & Kyu Jong, both of them sweat a lot! Who wants to help them wipe off their sweat??? Heee......

20090927 Maknae singing 'Hey G' in Wonder+Full Korea Concert

Maknae looked sexy when dancing ;)

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