Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kyu Jong photograph - Making of Canon CF

One more photographs of Kyu Jong filming the canon CF. Heard from China Baidu, he was filming the CF together with Seo Hyo Rim, MC of Music Bank. Errr....... according to the Baidu TS, there's also...... KISS SCENE !!! and it was NG 7 times...... :P


Credit: Daum
Please repost with full credit


quynh_perfectionist said...

nooooo my kyu jong :(
why oh why must there be a kiss scene???

oh wells glad to see him getting endorsments too and getting out there doing more

Anonymous said...

7 times??????!!! This cannot be.

My heart is falling out of my chest, or so now it's cracking into infinite tiny piece :( :(