Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong is adjusting to his best condition to attend Taiwan Concert

Credit:Nate News + SS601 + (chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina + (english translation)
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Starting from next month, SS501 Asia Tour Concert will officially begin. Kim Hyun Joon will return back to his team and bring wonderful performance to Taiwan.

On 17 October, Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 will return to Taiwan and hold their Asia Tour Concert at Taipei Arena. Actually, recently Kim Hyun Joong has already gradually started to work on the 2nd album and also involve in preparation for a series of public performances.

Related personnel mentioned: "Actually Hyun Joong himself is very tense with his work and the Asia Tour Concert after his full recovery. While busy with the final preparation for the 2nd album, he also take time to recuperate to handle the coming Asia Tour. Of course, the 1st task is the 1st Taiwan Concert."

This year July, SS501 successfully invaded Taiwan and hold their 1st Fan Meeting. Currently they are preparing for a brand new concert content to return to Taiwan and meet with everybody next month. Five day before the official online ticket sales, the October concert ticket had already hit an 80% sales, from this it showed their popularity in Taiwan. Once the official online sales started, it is even more difficult to get a ticket.

Internal staff mentioned: "Once news about Hyun Joong sickness was released, all have even more anticipated to see him return to Taiwan in good health. Therefore, everybody expectation of this concert is very high. Actually not even local fans from Taiwan, fans from Hong Kong, Singapore and other nearby countries will also visit Taiwan to attend the concert. Therefore when organizing for the Taiwan concert, we had plans to make a special stage."

Kim Hyun Joong is able to gain high popularity in Taiwan mainly due to the Korea version "Boys over Flowers" which is currently broadcast in Taiwan. This new broadcast has brought forward a new wave in the chinese circle, occupying pages in major newspaper. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong has always ranked first in the local media search.


As I have expected, leader has got back to work. I have been thinking how could he be able to rest at home while the rest of the team are working hard for the 2nd album and the Taiwan Asia Tour Concert, since he always think so much for the team and his responsible + workaholic behaviour. Just hope that he had fully recovered, I think only when I get to see him again on stage, then I could confirmed that. (^.*)

The next possible public performance SS501 have is the QingDao China Korea Friendship Concert held on next Tuesday, 6 October 2009. Lets see if Leader would be there or not?


Nicky said...

hi cagali! i so miss leader ..many thanks for all the update and info ..really appreciate it ^_^

davina said...

Thanks for your updating, cagali! much appreciate! I really miss leader. I wonder if he got enough time to rest. Counting down the date...
Your health comes first, Leader! Take care!