Sunday, September 27, 2009

Screen caps from 'Family Outings'

Thank you for 모 름@SS601 for making some beautiful screen caps from the 'Family Outing'. Looking at all these screen caps brought smiles to my face. I hope the subs will come out soon.... Can't wait to know what they were talking about when going to the mountain plugging the mushroom and also during cooking time.

I felt a bit sad now since there will be no more leader in 'Family Outing'. (~~>.<~~) I am starting to miss him now. When will we next see him? Come back??


Credit: 모름@SS601
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'Dong', I felt painful for leader when his head hit onto the gong

I am missing his smile now.
No more Family Outing with leader anymore......

Leader looked so cute even when sleeping. I am surprised that he
could woke up almost instantaneously when they called his name!

Sleepy look....

Eating mushroom

Leader helping out in cutting and cooking

Wonder what did they talked during this section,
must be something very funny since they kept laughing

Photograph together with the family

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marge0256 said...

I was watching with a friend earlier, and we were so amazed how he wokre up that fast too! haha.

And he has good hula hoop skills. haha. :D