Sunday, September 27, 2009

[News] 2nd album preparation has completed, 5 members will come back together

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong did not participated in the event, other members members hope that everybody will anticipate all 5 of them together on a new stage.

SS501 was the last to perform in the 1st section of 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert'.

After performing the songs 'U R Man', 'I am', 'Cannot do' and etc, Kim Kyu Jong said: "We are currently preparing for the 2nd album, Hyun Joong hyung was not feeling well and will rest until the 2nd album comeback. During this period, there will only be 4 of us participating in activities. After a shortwhile, all 5 of us will return to the stage together with the 2nd album"

Kim Hyung Joon said: "All 5 of us spend 2 years to produce these music, it is ready now. Within one month, it will be released with a new look. In the new album, there will be songs which we are singing now and also new songs. Hope everybody will anticipate it."

SS501 allowed their fans the opportunity to ask question on the spot, and spend a happy time with their fans.

SS501 will come back after the 3rd week of October.


(~~>.<~~) come back would be after 3rd week of October..... Guess we have to continue to wait.....

Oh.... BTW, is it my eyes or it is really true, did you find the boys looked different today? Did they cut their hair again? I almost can't recognize Kyu Jong. :P


marge0256 said...

I think they're trying to improve themselves for the 2nd album release. And maybe bvecause we haven't seen so much of them that they actually look different. I miss the boys, and leader as well :( I hope he gets better soon!

Jericho said...

It's worrying that Leader is still not well but at the same time its also a blessing in disguise that he will get to rest more till he is fully ready. Hope to see them well again :(