Monday, September 21, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong concentrate in warming up for new album

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong recuperating speedily from new influenze, will continue to start in activities.

Kim HyunJoong went to the studio in Seoul Gangnam district on 19 Sept to test his voice's condition. Kim HyunJoong will warm up for the new album which is scheduled to be released during end of this month. Kim HyunJoong also revealed about arguments of whether would perform together with other members of SS501.

His management company expressed: "Kim HyunJoong current health condition is not consider the best, so he would not carry out actual recording. This was purely for inspection of his condition. After Kim HyunJoong returned to Seoul and met with his fans, he revealed about what had happen during this period and also showed his state of health to everybody."

Kim HyunJoong was diagnosed with new influenza on 8 Sept. After taking his treatment in Japan, he returned to his country on 15 Sept and is not currently recuperating at home.


Very contradicting news, just hope that he will take his time to fully recuperate and not forcing himself for the comeback!

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quynh_perfectionist said...

wait so leader came back to practice...but he's not practicing?

and i thought the boys already finished recording for their album and only need stuff like mv recording...

i'm sooo confused can you clear this up for me?