Saturday, September 26, 2009

[News] Wonder + Full Korea Concert performers namelist include SS501 and others hallyu singers

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Cultural, Sports & Tourism ministry anounced the singer list in Wonder + Full Korea Concert. The singers include G-Dragon, SS501, SG Wanna be, Kim Jun (T-Max) and others Hallyu singers. This activity is one of the main activities of the 2009 Korea Grand Sale. Named as 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert, it will be held on 27 September at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Hall.

Due to their increasing popularity from acting in 'Boys over Flowers', SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and T-Max's Kim Jun's performance received wide concerned. Also, the singers who sung the OST 'Only You' of 'Shining Inheritance' would also participate in the concert.

The more special things is, because the participated singers has great reputation in local and oversea, many program items have a special design, such as Kim Jun who has already given notice in his official website mentioning about the special performance, creating much anticipation among fans from local & oversea. In addition, during the concert, many different types of activity would be arranged, such as interviews and also photoshoot with fans and etc... The organizer's main purpose is to create a performance that not only include a singing concert but hope to present it like a large scale fan meeting, to have fun together, allowing fans from local & oversea to participate in it.

Korea Grand Sale is a typical program organized by South Korea's to promote its tourism. Staring from 1999, every year, hosted by Cultural, Sports & Tourism Ministry and Korea Tourim Association, a series of activities to promote Korea shopping and cultural exchange, etc... This has not only strengthen Korea's domestic tourism but also making Korea's image more distinctive internationally.


Hur??? Leader is going to participate in this concert? Sure or not??!! Argh.... we still have to wait for one more day to confirm this....

From the news, seems like the concert is very interesting. Hope they will telecast it on TV also. Start counting down now.....

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