Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who do you miss now?

Recently we see Leader in 'Family Outing', Maknea in every week's 'Find It! Green Gold' & 'Music High', the sub team in SDA, then all in a sudden we have a lot of Kyu focus photographs, then because all didn't see our Sexy charisma Jung Minie, we see pictures of him in most forums. Hmm.... but now..... instead of missing Jung Minie, I am missing Saengie.... so I go search around for some old & cute photographs of him. :D Anyway we will be able to see them this Sunday in the 'Wonder + Full' Korea Concert. Wonder who will be there..... Some mentioned that 'U R Man' was printed on the poster, does it mean that the sub unit will be there again? :(


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Charity said...

hmmm.... i am missing the five of them :)

quynh_perfectionist said...

aww soo cute :)
i'm missing all 5 of them now...not enough info :(

waiting for them to comeback

<3 ss501

mwu said...

I am missing the 5 of them ON STAGE together.. Or do activities together..
Rewatching their old variety because missing them so much..

quynh_perfectionist said...

haha mwu...i'm doing the same thing too
rewatching thanks for waking me up and thanks for raising me and m!pick and their star golden bell appearances

come back soon!!

Mini UFO said...

Yeah... I miss all of them too.... but I don't dare to miss too much... because if it is then it is like telling myself I want Leader to be back together with them. But I would rather he had more rest and same for the rest of the guys also.

It is really fun to see them all together. This is what draws me to them in the 1st place.

I heard that PPS is now having a special channel for SS501 !!! So get your fix there! :D

Anonymous said...

yes,,I am missing five of them on stage...