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Family Outing Text translation 'Part 4: SS501 VS Bigbang'

More for you.... The rest will be posted tonight, just in case you didn't seen it yet, the previous part from the 'Morning Mission Game' can be find here.

By the way, just for your information. This episode of Family Outing was rank 4th in the South Korea (22.7%) and Seoul (23.6%) viewership ratings.


Starting from Family Outing Ep 65 Part 5/8 9:13 - Part 7/8 10:07
Youtube video Credit: shirbogirl

Credit: (Chinese translation)nicehj + (English translation)

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Caption Part 4: SS501 VS Bigbang
Hyori: What should we eat?
Jong Shin: First, there's already seafood ingredient for soup
Caption: Soup ingredient bought from auction market
Sheungri: I heard that the mushroon here is very famous
Caption: Yangyang most famous for Matsutake (a type of mushroom)
Jong Shin: Correct, correct, Yangyang Matsutake is very delicious
Hyori: It is not expensive?
Jong Shin: It is the most expensive type. Yangyang Matsutake, natural mushroom
Caption: Most most best Most high class! Yangyang Matsutake!

Caption: In order to bring the most high class Matsutake to the table of the famiy
Caption: The birth of 4 mountain mushroom diggers
Sheungri: Ah, nice air
Sheungri: Really nice, seems like this is the 1st time I come since debut
Caption: After debut, seems like this is the 1st time
Sheungri: That's why in TV station and hostel, get use to eating all those things
Caption: Different from the family, both new comers get close to the natural for the 1st time
Sheungri: When come out, eating all these natural food
Hyori: It's natural...
Sheungri: Yes, it is
Caption: At this moment suddenly experience the happiness that the family members always mentioned
Hyori: Wow, really really beautiful
Caption: loosen~
Caption: Breezy wind telling people autumn is coming
Jung Shin/Caption: Today only the singers come out
Jung Shin: Oh!
Sheungri: What is this?
Caption: Found a mushroom?
Jung Shin: There's this right? Everybody?
Hyun Joong: What is this?
Jung Shin: Seems like just now I saw it
Caption: Mushroom details given by village head
Caption: White Crown Mushroom* (I don't know the exact name of the mushroom, just translate literally)
Jung Shin: This is White Crown Mushroom*, after eating this will make your laugh
Hyori: So is it White Crown Mushroom*?
Jung Shin: Lets give this to the audience to eat
Caption: Let the audience eat
Caption: Don't know how comical he is
Jung Shin: Will keep laughing
Hyori: Really is a White Crown Mushroom*
Hyun Joong: Won't killed but will make people laugh
Caption: White Crown Mushroom* Surface is white, when dried will release an unpleasant smell and is a toxic mushroom.
Jung Shin: White Crown Mushroom* which after eating this will continue to laugh
Hyori: Still need to walk how far?
Hyun Joong: Found!
Caption: Along the mountain route, there's many different types of mushroom
Jung Shin: This is what Hyori mentioned before, Jeju bitter shelter mushroom* (literal meaning)
Caption: Jeju bitter net shape mushroom*
Jung Shin: After eating will be like eating a bitter life
Hyun Joong: This...
Hyori: What about this?
Jung Shin: What happen?
Caption: This time, is it Matsutake?
Someone: This is not?
Hyori: Not a poisonous mushroom?
Hyori: If can't recognize then bring out the picture to see
Jung Shin: It is not poisonous
Hyun Joong: Not that call 'Yeonglan' something?
Caption: Yeonglan... not that?
Jung Shin: Em... correct, it is that that Yeonglan
Caption: Mushroom which can't be eaten, Yeonglan stripe mushroom
Jung Shin: No, there's not only poisonous mushroom here
Hyori: Where is the Matsutake?
Caption: How come there's no even sign of the Matsutake, only mushroom that can't be eaten
Jung Shin: Poisonous mushroom could be easily found
Jung Shin: Aren't there red stripe
Jung Shin: Inside the red stripe will have
Caption: Marking for plantation of Matsutake
Hyori: This is the place it grow before
Jung Shin: Place that grow before will continue to grow
Hyun Joong: Around the red line, correct? Here
Caption: Tip: Using the theory that Matsutake growing habit of growing back at the same place to make a mark
Hyun Joong/Caption: Can this be eaten?
Jung Shin: Let me see
Caption: Can this be eaten?
Caption: Compare to poisonous mushroom, it is uglier
Hyori: Oh! This can be eaten. Oppa, this is just now that mushroom
Jung Shin: Nengju Mushroom
Caption: That is Nengju mushroom
Hyori: Correct right?
Jung Shin: It is planted. Lets plucked this
Hyori: Is this too long? Nengju mushroom
Caption: Although looked like this, is also Yangyang perfect edible mushroom!

Hyori: We are too scattered, so when talking we can't hear clearly
Caption: Now spread out to find...
Sheungri: Singing, if found a mushroom then use singing like to replace signing
Caption: Found mushroom then use song to differentiate each person...
Jung Shin: Why? Sheungri you have confident?
Sheungri: Not long ago, I have a musical right?
Caption: (Confident) Participate in a musical recently!
Hyori: Then sing a short portion of the best climax in the musical
Caption: Let's listen a short portion which is most marvelous in the musical!
Sheungri start singing
Caption: Singing quite well...
Caption: But why it become so funny...
Sheungri continue to sing
Sheungri: Aren't there similar type of songs?
Jung Shin: How could you concentrate all in a sudden?
Caption: How to go into the feeling in such a short time?
Jung Shin: That really make people envy
Sheungri: Jung Shin hyung why don't you try
Caption: Since started then Jung Shin also
Jung Shin: I sing? My song?
Jung Shin: There's a lot
Caption: (Proud) I have too many~
Jung Shin: Hyung's debut song, do you know? during the 90s
Caption: Do you know Hyung's 1st debut song?
Sheungri/Caption: Don't know
Jung Shin: That song is really popular, and created quite a stir
Hyori: Is it? What's the song?
Jung Shin starts singing
Caption: Elder sings while acting very proud
Hyori/Caption: Is that oppa's song?
Hyori: During that time, this song is very popular
Caption: In the 90s, this is the song that touch many's heart
Show Jung Shin concert clips
Caption: Yun Jung Shin 1st debut song 'In a street with nobody...'
Caption: Hoo! Elder also have his younger time... Year 1990
Caption: During that time his pronunciation is very clear
Caption: And also during that time the dance is nothing good
Caption: Elder was soaked in memories...
Jung Shin: That's the song
Sheungri: I only know Jung Shin hyung's 'Shave Ice Water'
Caption: I only know Jung Shin hyung's 'Red bean ice'!
Jung Shin: 'Shave Ice Water'? During that time you are secondary school student right?
Caption: Can deeply feel the 3 generate gap!
Sheungri: Yes
Hyun Joong: So I always think 'Shave ice water' is the best song
Caption: I think 'Red bean ice' is a wonderful song
Jung Shin: Hyori ah, you see, other singers also respect me
Jung Shin: Only you all don't respect me
Caption: Just you all don't respect me!!
Hyori: When did I, Hyun Joong is my fans!
Caption: Hyun Joong is Hyori's fan. It is a fact that everybody knew
Hyori: During the Fin.K.L time, he even came to my concert
Jung Shin: What you know about Fin.K.L?
Hyun Joong/Caption: Everything!
Hyori: Of course know everything
Jung Shin: Know, then for me just only know my 'Shave ice water'?
Caption: (Not feeling good) For mine only know 'Red bean ice' this only?
Hyun Joong: I collect all the albums
Hyori: Then sing Fin.K.L's Pray
Caption: (Immediately) Fin.K.L song Pray
Hyun Joong: Is it the debut song?
Hyori: Yes
Show clips of Hyori's debut
Caption: Birth of Friendship, 1998 RuleLane
Caption: Hyori during that time...
Caption: Unconsciously become like this...
Hyun Joong & Hyori sing the song
Caption: 10 years ago's lyrics also can sing without error...
Hyun Joong: After that?
Caption: impetuous beetle (?? I also don't understand this)
Hyori: And also that is a action to hit the head, it was the hot topic during that time
Caption: Hyori hitting the brain?
Hyun Joong: At the staircase, caught in the rain
Caption: soaking in the rain at the staircase!
Show Hyori's raining scene
Caption: Hyori after showering in the storm
Hyori: Then all these are destroy, this happen very long ago
Caption: After that all were sick!
Hyori start singing and dance
Caption: Dazzlingly bright.... bright...
Show video clips of the same scene
Caption: Previously was also so frank...
Hyori: Have you remember?
Jung Shin: Of course remember
Hyori: Seems like can't remember
Jung Shin: No, when Fin.K.L. debut, I...
Hyun Joong/Caption: During that time I am a secondary school student
Jung Shin: During that time I am doing my army training
Caption: On the other hand, ajussi is soldier ajussi
Hyori: After that what else?
Hyun Joong: For my boy friend
Hyori: Yes
Jung Shin: Ah! That song is extremely popular
Show video clips of that song
Caption: For my boy friend 1998
Caption: Causing all guys to fall in love...
Caption: Frank and lively, 20 years old Hyori
Jung Shin: Do you know 'For my boy friend'?
Caption: 'For my boy friend', do you know?
Sheungri sing the song
Caption: (Confident) make a promise with me~
Hyori: That's 'Forever love'
Red Caption: That's 'Forever love' you know?!
Jung Shin: You even know the dance?
Caption: on the other hand, Hyun Joong even know the dance?
Hyun Joong: Even during the concert
Caption: Aren't we dance during the concert...
Hyori: Correct, during the concert
Hyun Joong & Hyori started the dance the song
Red Caption: Cute
Show video clips of the song
Caption: And the most wonderful part of this song
Hyun Joong dance the part
Hyun Joong: "I am yours", like this
Caption: I belongs to you~
Hyori: Beautiful kid
Caption: Very beautiful ah. Him~
Hyun Joong: When Fin.K.L. debut, because I can't get to collect Hyori sticker, I am almost crazy.
Caption: When Fin.K.L bread is release, can't get Hyori's picture sticker, almost make me crazy!
Hyori: When see me also think it is other people?
Caption: Really, Hyori is in the 1st place in Hyun Joong's heart
Hyun Joong: Keep thinking that it is other people
Jung Shin: Why do you think like this?
Hyun Joong: Because it is precious
Caption: Hyori's sticker is very precious
Hyori: Since you think noona is so good, why don't you accept noona?
Caption: Since so like noona
Hyun Joong: What?
Blue caption: A bolt from the blue
Hyun Joong: You are confessing to me now?
Hyori: Then now you still think that I am a artist?
Hyun Joong/Caption: But that.... Now is now...
Hyori: Correct?
Jung Shin: Really want to see you performing
Caption: New comer's performance?
Hyori: Young people, how could you be so unambitious?
Jung Shin: Ok, Sheungri, then do something now to show us
Jung Shin: Using Using Bigbang and SS501 debut song to compete
Caption: Bigbang VS SS501
Caption: Compare that part of history!
Hyori: Correct, compete now
Hyun Joong: A song which show glittering idol star image
Caption: moving towards the route of glittering new comer
Hyori: Must do it like real
Hyun Joong: Show me your life
Caption: 2005 2nd Singles 'Snow Prince'
Caption: Using super cute and glittering~ image
Caption: Successfully caption teenage fans~
Hyun Joong: I know what you like, isn't it like this?
Jung Shin: This we would need a more proper location
Caption: SS501 actual route after debut...
Hyori: Bigbang seems like don't have any glittering
Caption: Bigbang has nothing glittering...
Sheungri: Bigbang, has something similar to POPA
Sheungri: I will perform here, Bigbang first mini album's 'Lie'
Caption: At last explode, Bigbang first hit
Jung Shin: Lie
Caption: 2007 Popular Year End Award Ceremony's 'Lie'
Show scene of the song
Caption: 5 boys bringing their hit song to the star stage
Jung Shin: What about Hyun Joong?
Hyun Joong: After glittering
Caption: Glittering
Jung Shin: After giving beautiful things
Caption: After glittering the next stage is?
Hyun Joong: To walk into the oppression of the world
Caption: Create influence to the world
Hyori: oppression?
Hyun Joong: Unsatisfied with the society
Hyun Joong: Unjust treatment
Caption: New comer debut route: Glittering -> Dissatisfaction of the society
Hyun Joong: To oppressed. so from the start, I don't use my original sound
Caption: From voice, it is not my voice...
Hyun Joong: "WE'LL UNLOCK THE DOOR", like this
Caption: Deep voice
Show video clips of 'Unlock'
Caption: 2006 1st Album 'Unlock'
Hyun Joong/Caption: Why do we need to learn?
Hyori: This is to revolt to Seo Taiji
Hyun Joong: This is directly opposite from Soe Taiji
Hyun Joong: Idols also have their own thinking
Jung Shin: So idols also have their own thinking
Jung Shin: after revolting?
Hyun Joong: Throw away all the schools
Caption: Whatever related to school throw away!
Jung Shin: So that's your reason
Caption: No matter what, there's still an actual direction/path for new comers
Hyun Joong: After that, stop all activities in local and advance to Japan
Caption: Local activities stop and advance to Japan!!
Jung Shin: That's why during that time will go to Japan
Caption: Now, Japan also left with great success
Hyun Joong/caption: During the moment when preparing for the album
Hyun Joong: Was selected by 'Boys over Flowers'
Caption: Get a role in 'Boys over Flowers'
Jung Shin: That's a chance
Show video clips in 'Boys over Flowers'
Caption: Just like this, the birth of the whole nation JiHoo Sunbae
Sheungri: When SS501 advance in Japan, we Bigbang conquer the South Korea
Caption: Riding the chance, Bigbang conquer South Korea
Sheungri: After 'Lie', it is 'One Day One Day'
Caption: Hit song after 'Lie' - 'One Day One Day'
Sheungri: Ji Yong hyung and TOP hyung face to face together
Caption: G-Dragon VS T.O.P
Jung Shin: Ah, yes!
Hyori: Do this and see, together with Hyun Joong
Hyori: 2 person together because of a girl
Jung Shin: Mike mike
Caption: Using this for Hyun Joong VS Sheungri?
Sheungri: Hyori noona just nice can act as the girl
Hyori: MKMF, go back to MKMF again?
Caption: Hyori noona just be here, will do
Caption: MKMF big issue reenact?
Jung Shin: 'One Day One Day'?
Hyori: Then, lets kiss ah, Hyun Joong
Caption: Kiss once, ok? Hyun Joong ah?
Hyun Joong: What?
Hyun Joong: I very hate that scene
Jung Shin: Why are you giving pressure to others again?
Caption: Problem (?) lies in the recording
Hyori: Hyun Joong extremely hate scene like that
Hyun Joong: Was watching the live telecast, suddenly throw the remote control away
Caption: After watching TV wanted to throw the remote control...
Sheungri: Aiya! Don't do it
Hyori: Look! This is how I exist
Caption: I really have such existence
Caption: Everytime was ignore by elders
Jung Shin: You make Hyun Joong love until become poisoned.
Sheungri: OK, lets get back to pluck the mushroom
Caption: Go back to pluck mushroom now
Sheungri: We play for too long
Jung Shin: When plucking mushroom we might have some new thinking
Jung Shin: Like singing, dancing, then just voice out, ok?
Hyori/Caption: Until now not even get a mushroom
Jung Shin: Now I have no mood to pluck mushroom

Caption: Soaking in the past memories for a while...
Caption: Once again walk back to the mountain routes, the mountain diggers
Caption: Like this, need very long then can reach into the mountain
Hyun Joong/Caption: Oh! Isn't it that?
Hyori: Here
Hyori: Oh! Here, here, you look
Caption: Found Matsutake
leader plugged the mushroom
Hyori: This is pine shape mushroom
Caption: Starting from fragrance, natural mushroom
Someone: Really?
Pass around to smell the mushroom
Hyori: Found treasure
Caption: I found it~
Caption: After so tired then found Matsutake
Caption: Only want to eat
Hyori: Let me try
Sheungri: Can eat directly?
Jung Shin: Break apart to eat
Hyori: Like this?
Caption: Size... different...
Jung Shin: Put in the fridge, eat little by little
Caption: Gu..du...
Jung Shin: Just try a bit
Caption: How's the taste of the natural Matsutake?
Hyori: Very fragrant
Hyun Joong/caption: Very fragrant
Jung Shin/Caption: Usually during barbecue, put on the charcoal to bake
Hyori: Very delicious, oppa
Jung Shin: I really never eat this very very long
Caption: Oh... I also never eat this for very long!
Hyori: Very excited now?
Caption: Elder, is he excited now?
Hyori: Seems like you are very excited
Jung Shin/Caption: 4 years ago when I am very weak, I eat before
Hyori: Em... Very delicious
Caption: munch munch munch munch munch munch munch
Jung Shin: It is good for the health
Caption: Tip: Matsutake, taste sweet, can prevent cancer and also very good to prevent adult illness
Jung Shin/Caption: Oh~ Let's play, natural Matsutake~ the effect
Red Caption: Proudly
Jung Shin: You don't know this song?
Green Caption: (Cannot be...) you don't know, this song?
Caption: Shake shake
Jung Shin: Really don't know?
Jung Shin: Just like natural~
Jung Shin: filming director all love it
Caption: only aging person will have reaction to it
Jung Shin: Aging directors
Jung Shin: Give you my everything ~I lose~
Caption: If want to understand, must sing another line
Hyun Joong: Seems like heard it in CF
Caption: Until this stage, seems like heard it in CF...
Jung Shin: Yes, always come out in CF
Jung Shin: Remove old clothes ~First time~
Caption: (This one can believe right!) Remove the school dress~
Sheungri: ? ? ? ?
Jung Shin: Today I want to thank you~
Caption: Singing sadly...
Caption: Again......
Caption: What about you?
Sheungri: ? ? ? ?
Red caption: Setback
Jung Shin: How could you don't know this song?
Jung Shin: Ani~
Hyun Joong: 'Look at me once'
Jung Shin: You know this song?
Caption: Hyun Joong, at last know!
Hyun Joong: Look at me once
Caption: Please at least let me hope for once!
Jung Shin: That is?
Caption: Lee Sheung Jye's 'Happy Ah'
Jung Shin: Look at me once
Hyun Joong: Ani~ Look at me once~ Not this?
Caption: Ani~ let me hope for a little~ What is this?
Hyori: It is not Ani
Sheungri: J
Hyori: Heeya
Caption: Now go into destroy mode...
Hyun Joong: Heeya ~Look at me once~
Caption: very true cap between the 3 generation
Jung Shin: heeya ~look at me once~
Hyori: Matsutake is really delicious
Hyori/caption: Oppa, if this eat too much will have no bad effect right?
Jung Shin: No bad effect
Caption: Cannot be... only never get to eat...

Caption: Just like this continue to plug mushroom, 3 person scene
Sheungri: Found treasure
Caption: I found~
Jung Shin: Where?
Sheungri: Here
Caption: Sheungri also!
Caption: Hyun Joong also!
Jung Shin: I also found treasure
Caption: Working hard to find natural Matsutake
Hyun Joong: Found a lot?
Jung Shin: Lets go lets go, Jea Suk must be very happy. Lets go, lets go
Caption: Now it's time to prepare breakfast...

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