Monday, September 28, 2009

[News] SS501 participated in Wonder+Full Korea Concert

Credit: ibTimes + (English translation)
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According to media reports in Korea, the 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert' received very good responses and proven the Hallyu stars' popularity.

At 6pm, 27 Sept, '2009 Wonder + Full Korea Concert' was held at Seoul Olympic Park. The concert was participated by 3500 audiences, from these 800 over were fans from China, Japan and other Asia countries, who came in order to meet their Hallyu star face to face.

SS501 decorated the last stage of the 1st part of the concert. Regarding the new album, they revealed: "The promotional activities is scheduled to start from the 4th week of October, however, the music source will release earlier, please anticipate."

In the beginning of September, contracted new influenza in Japan, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong was absent in this concert. Regarding this, Kim Kyu Jong expressed: "Kim Hyun Joong was sicked recently. Today he was also not feeling well, therefore could not participate in this concert. We are preparing for the 2nd album, in order to let him regain his health before the come back, so today he would be resting."


Another new version, now they said promotion will start on 4th week but the music source will release earlier??

Leader is not feeling well again..... Hope he regain back his health soon!

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