Sunday, September 27, 2009

SS501 Super Hits! Ultimate Deluxe Edition photobook

Two days ago, I posted about the JKpop Craze video clips regarding the new Taiwan release of the Super Hit! Commemorate issue here and here. This new edition of the Super Hits! CD is released in Taiwan today. Thank you to elntsh1019@Baidu Tieba SS501 & K-Cube@SS601 for sharing some photographs in the 40 pages photobook which is included in the CD.


Credit: elntsh1019 @ Baidu Tieba SS501
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Credit: tw301 +
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Anonymous said...

thanks for the u know where can I buy it?

Mini UFO said...

Yesasia. I have the direct links in the previous post.

vAnVan said...

erm do they sell this album in singapore yet?

Mini UFO said...

Just went to Popular to check on Monday! Nope! Not yet! I am also waiting for this. Because my Super Hits! CD cover was damage during delivery last time due to rain. *Cry*

maknaeXD07 said...

I wanna die!!! I bought the older version before without the photos and now I can't have photos of them!!!

Mini UFO said...

Heee..... try to convince yourself to buy because there are extra DVD which you do not have and also extra 2 more songs and also extra the photobook....^^

For me, I manage to convince myself because my Super Hits! photobook was damage during delivery. Super heart pain each time I saw it.... So I will difinitely buy this. :P