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[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and BigBang Sheungri fight to gain idol's self-esteem in the 1st 'Family Outing'

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong and BigBang Sheungri fight for their idol self exteem in the 1st part of SBS 'Sunday is Good''s 'Family Outing' variety show.

In the 'Family Outing' broadcast on 20 Sept afternoon, Sheungri replaced Daesung who was hospitalized due to a traffic accident. Sheungri made his grand appearance wearing a white suit, and was nicknamed by Yu JaeSeok as the waiting for opportunity 'ambitious youth'.

However, once 'Flower Boy' Kim HyunJoong made his appearance, Sheungri could only step back in the 2nd line. Sheungri's specially selected suit when in comparison with Kim HyunJoong looked like a school uniform, and was ridiculed by the other family members.

The first task of the family members in Hajodae, Yangyang in Gangwo district was to catch abalone. Yu JaeSeok, Lee Hyori, Kim JongKook, Kim HyunJoong and Sheungri uniformly dressed in black diver suit and start to catch abalone with the help of women diver.

The first catch of abalone was by Sheungri. Sheungri dived skillfully into the water and brought up an abalone. While the much await 'JiHoo Sunbae' Kim HyunJoong was surprisingly unable to dive into water despite many tries and caused laughter among the family members.

There after, Sheungri also successfully caught an octopus. Yu JaeSeok praised him as "You are the strongest' and he reused it as "I am the strongest', adding on more laughter.

Sheungri's declaration of war didn't end here. After Sheungri made his decision 'to replace DaeSung hyung and work hard to perform in the program', in the 'Catch the squid ring' game, he displayed his wits and ability and won Kim HyunJoong.

After that during the Kim HyunJoong - Park Si Yeon, Sheungri - Lee Hyori 'Couple catch the squid ring' competition, it was filled with smell of gunpower from the start. Kim HyunJoong and Sheungri could not support Park Si Yeon and Lee Hyori, and was stumbled into the sea many times. The final winner was Sheungri - Hyori couple. Hyori stepped onto Sheungri and bit the squid ring easily.

On the other hand, after filming 'Family Outing' on 11 August, while returning to Seoul, Daesung's car hit on a road railing, causing his nose bone to crack. DaeSung will return to the family during the 21 Sept Jeju Island filming.

Therefore, there might be chances to see Daesung in the 11 October's program, Kim HyunJoong and Sheungri's 2nd part in 27 September and Cha Tae-Hyun and Jang Hyuk part will be broadcast on 4 & 11 October.


I read in another news saying that the 'Family Outing' which was broadcast yesterday was rank no. 5 in viewership ratings for country wide (20.3%) and Seoul (20.9%). Wow! leader's popularity is really good! I guess it is also because all TripleS in Korea missed him, just like us.

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Oh! Don't forget that 'Find It! Green Gold' was broadcast today. Now we can wait for some screen caps from the show!

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