Monday, September 21, 2009

[News] Recovering from H1N1...Voice Condition Check at Studio

Previously I post about a news on leader's warming up for the new album. I found another translation for the same article by XiaoChu from Quainte501 and I would like to share here with everybody. Since she understand korean, the translation will be most accurate as compare to mine as it is translated from chinese. When you translate from one language to another then to another, some information would be lost, though most of the time I tried my best to keep to the original translation as close as possible.

I have bold the sentences which are different from my translation. :)


Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Kim HyunJoong speedy recovery from H1N1 influenza and will be stretching into activities.

Kim HyunJoong went to a studio located in Gangnam Seoul on 19th to check his condition i.e voice, etc. Kim HyunJoong is warming up for the making of their new album planned to be released end of this month. Kim HyunJoong also went into discussions with the other SS501 members on this day regarding the activities planning, etc.

His company said “Kim HyunJoong is not back to the perfect condition yet, so he will not be doing any recordings. This is purely a condition check for him. Kim HyunJoong met with the members whom he haven’t seen in a while after he returned to Korea, they talked about what happened recently and showed a much healthier look of himself.”

Kim HyunJoong was diagnosed with H1N1 influenza on 8th and received medical treatment in Japan until he recovered and returned back to Korea on 16th where he is currently recuperating at home.


Jericho said...

I must admit that the translation is really unique. Excellent English. Directly word by word from Korean I can see.

Mini UFO said...

Wow! Jericho! You understand Korean! So nice! I wish I can understand Korean then I don't need to wait for chinese translations! All the TV programs which SS501 participated in were in Korean. :(

Jericho said...

Last nite at KBS World, there was an entertainment programme and it featured Leader! Wow! Dunno whether is it once a week or nightly.

Mini UFO said...

So sad I don't have KBS World at home. I also want to see leader on TV. :(
What time is the program? Maybe can check the program guide to find out whether we can got some clips from youtube. :P

Ann said...

Can't wait! I really miss him/ his smile... Count on you Mini UFO! ^-* Thanks!

Jericho said...

Mini UFO, it's not a nightly programme. :(
Actually i really pity Leader, he is living in a goldfish tank for the whole world to watch and like it or not, he is trapped, no way of getting out. Also he's an teenage idol, remember the song by Sting, Every Breath You Take? How creepy, he has now thousands of fans watching him like a public lover for all. Sad!

Mini UFO said...

Yah. It is sad. For all of them, actually most of the time when I see all the photo of them during departure and arrival and also those video programs. I know how it is like. Imagine everything you do were being observed. Even when they go tour in HK they were caught by paparazzi. Can't even have a rest and relax when you are doing something private.

But I guess, this is something an artist has to sacrifice for gaining popularity. It is a chicken and egg thing.

May I know what is the name of the show? Wish somebody download it in youtube.

Jericho said...

Sorry, dunno the name of the prog because when I turn it on the show was already on.

As for their life, I feel it even more so especially when they were interviewed over and over the same old stupid questions till I can see Leader trying so hard to act like he's not bored to death by it.

They are just playing diplomatic and were trained to do so. Also they all knew full well what's going on. I saw a Korean prog with only Kyu and Joon on with some middle-age show hosts. Briefly they mentioned that they are worried what they'll do once their contract is over as pop teen idol band boys. They also know that they are famous because of Leader's fame and they can't admit they have girlfriends as teen idols and so on.

So this is the price for fame and fortune for Leader if he want to be an universal Star.

Mini UFO said...

Wow! That's a lot of variety shows you are watching. Sound familiar, seems like I saw it somewhere.

Actually when during leader was sick, I had already felt very sad for all of them. It seems like they have no freedom. Even no freedom to get sick, if not because leader is too weak, I can imagine that he will start working now. I will not be shocked if he is out singing with all of them this weekend (though I am quite sceptical about it). The way the Korean artist work! It really amazed me at times!

I had never ever get so addicted to any korean group/artist, they are the first group that make me attracted to because of their professionalism, how hard they have to work for each and every performance/concert. I can imagine how tired it is and yet when they see their fans, they show a nice & happy front to the fans. This is why I like SS501 till today and will continue support them!

Hmm.... the name of the show, maybe you can check KBS world program schedule to check out the name, if you know what time the show was broadcast. Anyway it is alright if you don't remember.

Jericho said...

You can see the prog on Youtube just that I dunno how it is named for searching.

The reason I mentioned that the show hosts are middle-aged adults is because these have seen many pop groups came and gone and they are speaking from experience.

Last nite saw this Kpop Chart show on KBS World, they have the top 20 hits with the singers/groups one after another performing their songs till the No. 1 on the chart at the moment. KARA is no. 2 or is it No. 1? Forgotten already.

I tell you in Korea there are so many pop boy or gals groups and they are all so competitive fighting so hard (you can't miss that) by dressing up and dance sexily or act cute and cool to the point of being obscene. They are all good looking and very well trained. It's so tempting being in showbiz and their songs are all the radio friendly catchy tunes. Well, I hope SS501 with Leader can remain tops for as long as possible.