Monday, September 21, 2009

[News] Active & 4D Kim Hyun Joong in 'Family Outing', Once seen noona, will step on faeces

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As the new family member, Kim HyunJoong showed his extra charms once again after his last acting in 'Boys over Flowers' as the charming F4 Yoon JiHoo.

As the special guest in the 20 September SBS variety show 'Family Outing', Kim HyunJoong fooled around with his 4D remarks and showed his excellent skills.

In the program, Kim HyunJoong's gorgeous looked pleased the family members, whereas 'ambitious youth' BigBang's Sheungri suffered with humiliation because of his ordinary student looked.

Accepting his task to turn into a dive woman, Kim HyunJoong said: "After watching Jaws, I hate the sea." In actual fact, his weakling look when getting close of the sea during the diving had attracted the eye balls of many audiences, especially when looking at his embarrassing seaweed look alike hair on his forehead.

After going through all the torture and getting familiarize to the sea, when Kim HyunJoong was just thinking of getting away from the weariness from swimming in the sea, he was put into the another family game again and created lots of jokes. In order to win, Kim HyunJoong did not hesitate to use his unique methods to defeat the other family members. However, when returning back home, during the process of preparing dinner, Kim HyunJoong got frowns from the family members when he show his fears in getting the sea cucumber. Despite the constant callings of "JiHoo Sunbae", he just showed his resistance and expressed: "I hate things that looked like moth, I am not going to this this!' Finally Yu JaeSeok had to get out the sea cucumber. After Kim HyunJoong used his weird chopping method to cut the sea cucumber into many parts, it was instant commotion when everybody snatched to eat the sea cucumber. Following by that it was Hyori and his private dating time plugging vegetable.

In front of Lee Hyori, Kim HyunJoong turned into a romantic chap. He thanked Lee Hyori saying: "Really thanks for your guidance to us, all because of noona I can act in a drama." Following by that he even performed the famous lines in 'Boys over Flowers', and he also said: "I am happy that everybody like JiHoo Sunbae, but at the same time I have a burden for JiHoo's image, I wish I could get out from it.' In addition, during the filming, at the moment when Kim HyunJoong found out that he stepped on faeces, he responded instantaneously saying: "Once meeting noona, I will step on faeces!", causing instant laughters!

On the other hand, absent in filming due to his accident, BigBang member, DaeSung when having a telephone conversation with Kim Hyun Joong, mentioned that he would want to have a competition based on their looks.This had caused a round of laughters!

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