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[Mag] Yes Magazine Sept 09

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Title: SS501 Exclusive Secret Revealed

Speaking of Korean Pop Group which has the most exposure rate currently, if SS501 ranked No.2, nobody would dare to rank No.1*! They have been travelling to various countries in Asia intensively for publicity starting from July, in additional to the popularity of the 'Boys over Flowers', just for these 3 months, their popularity increased tremendously! Everytime during their promotion, they would be asked about some private questions to fulfill their fans' curiosity. The last time when 5 of them visited Hong Kong, they had revealed their requirements of their girl friends. Not enough? This time 'Yes!!' would not only reveal their secrets but also interpret their next 3 months itinerary!

* Note: I think there is a typo mistake in the magazine. Instead of saying that 'If SS501 ranked No. 2, nobody would dare to rank No. 1!' They actually wrote it as 'If SS501 ranked No. 1, nobody would dare to rank No. 2'.

Usually when a person is so excellent in something that nobody dares to admit they are better than that person. We will say: "If he ranked No. 2, nobody will dare to rank No.1." Hope I explained the discrepancy in my translation and actual printing.

Park Jung Min - Caring and King of Pouting

Among 5 of them, Jung Min is most gifted in language and is also the 'diplomat' of SS501. Everytime during promotion, Jung Min would be the fastest to learn the local language. Most importantly, Jung Min is most willing to communicate with fans out of his own will. Jung Min also always replied to fans' messages. In his replies, there were always touching sentences like 'Miss you!', 'Love you very much!' and also 'Please take care of your health!'. In the recent SS501 Beijing Fan Meeting, Young Saeng revealed that the Jung Min who looked older than his actual age actually loved to pout*.

*Note: 撒娇's actual meaning is acting like a spoil child to somebody closed to you; when the person 撒娇, he/she will pout, whine, act like a spoil child in order attract your attention.

Kim Hyung Joon - Youngest with cold jokes
The youngest in the team, having the nickname of 'Maknea' Hyung Joon, is the merry maker of everybody. Leader Kim Hyun Joong once revealed in a program that Hyung Joon was his most treasured toy! (Using the word 'Toy' to describe a person!?) No matter what time, he was always the laughing stock provider. Jung Min who always bickered with him once exposed: "Hyung Joon always liked to crack joke, but once he finished cracking the joke, nobody had any response but he only laugh on his own!'

Kim Hyun Joong - Super Hat Addict
Having the nickname of '4 Dimension', popular 'Flower Boy' Kim Hyun Joong, revealed that he had a lot of treasures in his house. Hyun Joong: "I loved skull, everytime when I saw a shirt, cap or accessories with skull pattern, I would be tempted to buy back home." Other than skull, attentive fans would have noticed that from pre-debut till during the filming period of 'Boys over flowers', Hyun Joong once revealed in some TV programs that hat is an accessory which will make him more stylish.

Caption on picture (Left to right)
Left Picture: During the early stage, Hyun Joong liked this type of hat. Whether during dance practice or during filming of 'We Got Married', he always wore it and its exposure rate was quite high.
Middle picture: Cap is the style which Hyun Joong seldom used. From this photograph you can see him wearing his favourite skull necklace.
Right picture: In the just released 'SOFF Boys over Flower Photo book', Hyun Joong was also filmed wearing a hat.

Heo Young Saeng - King of Taking Self Potrait
Hong Kong fans loved to ask their idol to take self potriat, if your idol is Young Saeng, then you must be extremely happy. Among the 5 of them, Young Saeng has the best photography skill. Hyun Joong once mentioned, Young Saeng put much effort in his looks and clothings and he is the person who loved the most to take self potrait in the team. 4 of them once exposed that there are more than thousands of self potraits in Yong Saeng's handphone! From this you can know which level of self-admiration he is in. However, among 5 of them, when questioned about the person who like to look in the mirror the most, the answers were similar in both fan meetings. Therefore, Hyung Joon felt very innocent that he was crowned as the 'King of looking in mirrors'.

Kim Kyu Jong - Scared to look ugly and fear of heights
Talking about the member who is slowest to get familiar with, it must be Kim Kyu Jong. Comparing to the mischievous Hyung Joon and the always labelling himself as sexy icon Jung Min, Kyu Jong is recognized as most dislike to look ugly. Other than that, actually Kyu Jong has another little secret which a lot of people don't know. Kyu Jong: "Actually I have fear of heights. In the concert, during the opening we have to be lowered down to the stage from the air, it made my heart beat increased. However, after seeing so many fans who came to support me, I felt calmer."

Persona Tour Reveal!
Since July, after Hong Kong, SS501 had been holding their promotional events and fan meetings in various Asia countries none stop. SS501 who debut for 4 years, started their 1st Asia Tour Concert in Korea and Japan from August. Currently, they are practicing their mandarin for their 17th October concert in Taipei Arena. During their practice period, the concert date for Shanghai (November) and Hong Kong (12 December) is confirmed. Although the tight schedules are exhausting for them, however, in order to keep their promise with TripleS (the nickname of SS501's fan), they will overcome all hardship.

SS501 schedules
(Date - Location - Events)
1 July - Hong Kong - 1st Fan Meeting
1-2 August - Korea - 1st Asia Tour Concert begun (a)
13 August - Japan - Japan Concert (b)
29 August - Beijing - Beijing Fan Meeting (c)
30 August - Malaysia - Filming of DVD to be released on October
3 September - Malaysia - SS501 Autograph Session (d)
5-6 September - Japan - 'Boys Over Flowers' Japan Fan Meeting
11 September - Korea - Seoul Drama Award Ceremony 2009 (e)
13 September - Shenyang - Korea KBS Singing Competition (f)
17 October - Taipei Arena - Taipei concert
14 November - Shanghai HongKou Football Stadium - Shanghai Concert
12 December - Hong Kong Asia World Expo - Hong Kong Concert

Hyun Joong caption: Wait for my return!

Urgent report!
Leader personally revealed health condition!

SS501 fans who had been following the news would had known that Leader Hyun Joong was sicked when participated in the Japan 'Boys over Flowers' fan meeting. He was confirmed contracted AH1N1 and was forced to stay back in Japan for medical treatment. After reported by various media, fans from various countries sent in their greetings to wish for his speediest recovery. Some fans were not satisfied with SS501 management company for giving him such a tight schedule and caused his health to deteriorate. However, recently Hyun Joong revealed through his company that he had almost recovered and would meet with his fans in 2 weeks time. After hearing Hyun Joong's words, all fans were relieved and prepared to welcome them for their charming performance in Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


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