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Text Translations of 'Family outing' + [Youtube] Family Outing (English Subbed) 3/8

I think a lot of you must be eager to know what is the actual conversation between Leader and Hyori during the walk, in the alcove and in the garden, you can read it at Liezle's blog. Panda Brenda is so kind to leave the translation in her comments and Liezle post it in her blog to share to all. Please visit her blog and leave your comments to thank them.

Since the conversation between Leader and Hyori is done, I will do the translation only for the part when leader make the high jump & Daesung's conversation with leader, since it is quite interesting also.


Credit: (Chinese translation) MRET
English translation: SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits.

From Shirbogirl's Family Outing Part 7 of 8
Starting from 8:50
MC: Sheungri
Sheungri: Yes
MC: Let's learn something from Sheungri
Caption: Learn from Sheungri?
All: What?
MC: Jacket pose
Sheungri: The important part of jacket pose is
Caption: Self declared Jacket pose master, Sheungri
Sheungri: Fingers
Young guy: Fingers?
MC: Fingers are the important part?
Sheungri: Yes
Sheungri: When placing your hands in the pocket, leave at least 3 fingers outside
He demonstrate how to do it
Sheungri: After a while then lift up one hand
Caption: Earnestly teaching...
Caption: Seems like only the elders are learning
Jong Kook: It will look better if there's a hat
Hyori: Hyun Joong is also very good in posing
Caption: At the same time also look at Ji Hoo Sunbae's pose
MC: Hyun Joong, do you have such pose, Hyun Joong?
Hyori: do you have any charming pose?
MC: although we have learned a few types
Caption: First, this?
Caption/Hyun Joong: That..... I.... did it during I am 20 years old!
Caption: Big blow!
MC: Now Sheungri is also just 20 years old
MC: A little blow
MC: Now Sheungri is just 20 years old
Yun Jong Shin: Then recently what is the trend?
Caption: Then recently...
Caption/Hyun Joong: Currently...
Hyun Joong: Currently, it's just like this
Hyori: Don't need to pose
Caption: Focus on comfort
Hyori: Do you need to move when pose?
Hyun Joong: If filming director request for more
Caption: when there's a little regrets
Hyun Joong: asking for more
Hyun Joong: then during that time will do this
Hyun Joong demonstrate by pulling down his jacket
Red caption: Sexy
Caption/Hyori: Oppa, try it!
MC: What?
Hyori: that pose just now
MC trying the pose
Caption: Really...
Screen show the comparison between MC & Hyun Joong
Red Caption: Big difference
Caption/Yun Jong Shin: Take care of the shape of the mouth
MC: No, Hyun Joong ah
Hyun Joong: Yes
MC: When you take those magazine cover photo in 20 years old
Caption: Then when he is 20 years old, what is the pose Hyun Joong used?
MC: What is the pose for Sheungri's age group?
Leader demonstrate the jump
Blue caption: Lively and lovely
MC: Oh, this is the Flower Boy
Caption: All in a sudden all focus are turned towards Hyun Joong
Caption/MC: Sheungri, have you thought of any other pose?
Red Caption: Depressed
Caption/Yun Jong Shin: Actually the topic was started from Sheungri...
MC: Sheungri, relax, don't panic
MC: Sheungri ah, have a fair competition with him, don't be afraid
MC: You are the best! You are the best
Massaging Sheungri's neck
After this MC ask Jong Kok to demonstrate the pose during his era and Jong Kok demonstrated the various pose
Then the MC ask Hyori what is the ladies group pose, and Hyori said they only do the praying pose
Then he ask Yun Jong Shin to show his pose also.
Then when Hyun Joong trying to cross over...
MC: Hyun Joong ah... can you run while bringing this away?
Then leader do the high jump
Caption: This is the pose which belongs to an idol
Red caption: Sigh
MC: Really good
After that Hyori ask Sheungri about his member's individual pose and Sheungri demonstrate it

The actual conversation Daesung tell Leader is: "Hi there, I am Kang JunPyo, actually today I am supposed to be there and I am thinking of competing you based on our looks."


By the way, part 3 of the English subbed 'Family Outing' is out! Thank you, iBreatheLifeMusic. Now you get to understand another extra 10mins of the show.

[English Subbed] Family Outing Episode 64 [3/8]

Credit: iBreatheLifeMusic@youtube