Sunday, September 20, 2009

More screen captures from 'Family Outings'

Have you watch 'Family Outings'?

I am so happy that I can see 'Family Outing' live broadcast today. I guess most must have missed him after he last shown in Gimpo airport. The program is very interesting and leader looked happy together with his favourite Hyori Noona. It is good to see leader's smile again!

I liked the part when leader was asked to take up the sea cucumber from the buckle full of different seafood. His reaction was soooo cute.... and he stepped on shit during the walk with his Hyori Noona. LOL..... and they keep calling him JiHoo sunbae and played the 'Boy Over Flowers' music in the background when leader was screened. Oh yah! Not forgetting the part when he tried to act cool plugging the corn! Haha! I wish I could understand Korea to know what Leader is talking to his favourite noona. (*.~)

Okay, here's some screen capture which was share in SS601 by various news article.


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