Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[News] Kim Kyun Joong participated in 'Family Outing', exposed love to read 'Adult Comic'

Ok.... before I feed you with more photographs, lets digest first..... :P For some change, more news about Family Outing. About leader's 'adult' comic love. LOL.


Credit: MyDaily + Sohu Korea + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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According to South Korea Media report, Korea idol group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong revealed in the 27 Sept broadcast SBS 'Family Outing' that his hobby is reading comics.

When Yu Jae Seok asked what was the comic that he was reading currently, without evading, Hyun Joong replied adult comic. When hearing Hyun Joong's answer, Yu Jae Seok was shocked. Lee Hyori continue the conversation and said: "Jae Seok oppa loved this too." making both Yu Jae Seok and Kim Hyun Joong stunned. When Kim Hyun Joong continued to explain that his first adult comic was 'Money war', Yu Jae Seok and Lee Hyori realised that they had misunderstood him.

On the day, BigBang's Sheungri who participated together with Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "My interest is reading book. The book that I am currently reading is 'Winning Habits'. Books in my cupboard included 'Conspiracy Theories' and 'Unsolved Mysteries so far' and etc. I also find it strange why I like this type of books."


Janaya said...

Ah, as weird as it sounds, I don't think Leader meant "adult" manga in the hentai sort of way XD War of Money is actually just more of a manga directed at a mature audience, kind of like Berserk~

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Hyun Joong also read hentai XD

I wonder if there are any scanlations of it floating around, Leader's got awesome taste in manga <3 If he recommends it, it's probably great.

Jericho said...

I think what Leader meant by Adult manga is actually those that teaches how to become rich and successful kind of self-improvement manga. Of course it has a storyline to follow.

As for Bersek, that's definitely very dark, ugly and violent, no good for mental health.