Monday, September 28, 2009

More Screen caps from 'Family Outings' 20090927

This post is going to be VERY long!!! There are total 47 screen caps! Thanks to 밀루유떼5@SS601 for sharing & making all these screen caps.


Credit: 밀루유떼5@SS601
Please repost with full credit

Looking at his well-built muscles.... Wow!

Getting ready to turn the HUGE hulla hoop

Leader's amazing score

I liked his innocent look. ^^

Lost again.... Leader's expression is cute.

Leader trying to auction for the seafood. LOL!

Leader had to go mushroom plucking since he lost the game

Dreamy feel.....

Missing his smile.....

Leader helping out in cooking again

Leader reenacting how his Hyori noona dance

His smile..... melts the heart....
and I kept noticing the faint sign of unshaven moustache ^^

Ending with the eating scene.
Did you notice something from this picture??

LOL!!! The way Leader held his chopsticks!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope to be able to read the caption soon since the eng sub video is going to take a while.

For the first time I watch FO without the eng sub... usually, I'll wait..but for ep64 & 65, Just enjoy watching Leader!!!