Monday, September 21, 2009

Photographs from Hyung Joon's 'Find It! Green Gold' Episode 2

Have you watch Maknae's 'Find It! Green Gold' Episode 2? I missed the broadcast since I am not around, and I am now looking in youtube for a posting for Ep 2. If you know where I can download/view online, please keep me inform. :)

I wish somebody will post a subbed version of this program, it is so informative and I wish I can understand the content. I remember during the last episode they explained on how to make a 'green' detergent which I am very interested to try but I just can't understand what they said in the show. >.< I think I must sign up for korean class soon! (*.~)

Here's some photographs from the show which was shared by Lina from SS601. It is great isn't it, we get to see leader yesterday, today we get to see maknae, then this Sunday we will be able to see..... I wonder whether the whole team will perform in the Wonder+Full Korea Concert this sunday? Together with leader??? Hmm.... possible or not?? I think the possibility is quite slim since the news just mentioned that he is still not at his best condition. Does that mean also the sub team will be there instead? Ahhh.... then everybody will miss Jung Min even more..... and I miss the whole team being together. Lets wait for more news okay!


Credit: Lina@SS601
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quynh_perfectionist said...

ah i miss jung min :(
where is the sexy charisma??

thanks for the updates