Saturday, September 19, 2009

Family Outing

This translation killed a lot of my brain cell..... >.< because it is written peom like, I am not poetic.... (*.*) I almost wanted to give out.... But I know many might be curious about the 'Family Outing' tomorrow.... So.... I just translate, but since it is not done well, please DO NOT REPOST.... After reading this, it makes me anticipate more for the 'Family Outing' tomorrow. It sounds interesting! I am curious of the interaction between leader and Hyori :P


Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation)

1st Part - Birth of Family!
Untouchable incarnation of beauty! Flower boy, Ji Hoo Sunbae! Kim Hyun Joong! The loyal brotherly  idol participating in replacement of the injured Daesung! I am the strongest! Victory!

Family - Sea Rescue Team
Speaking of the summer sea, it must be at Gangwo! For Gangwo, you must go to Yangyang! Then for Yangyang, of course must go to Hajodae

Family members went to Hajodae which retains its beautiful landscape and clean environment!

Together with 2 top popular idol, Kim Hyun Joong and Seungri! The first place to go was the seaside!

Not only Jeju has diver! But 'family members' that dive personally!

Hidden in the depths of the magical world of the sea.
However there is a man who could not get use to the sea....  
Although cannot guarantee his ability but visually was already strongest Kim Hyun Joong and eyes full of confidence Sheungri, running towards the sea, showing the youth of the sea!

Hyun Joong, met with the girl in his dream

As the sun gradually went down the mountain, the heart of the youth who dream of his first love was throbbing.
Once the dinner time reach, all family members scattered away.
That man.... who keep gazing at that girl.....
That girl.... who has been treating him as a brother.... but not knowingly from which moment started treating him as a man
Between them a beautiful story like a painting took place.
While dinner is ready, another show suddenly happened in the family!!

Wherever needs us, we will go over there!

20 Sept, 5.20pm, 'Family Outing' will become your family members!


Since I didn't do a good translation of this, I will post the original chinese translation for the benefits of those that understand chinese.




▶ 家族 海上救援隊◀

提起夏天的海 當然就是 江原道!江原道當然得去襄陽!去襄陽呢?當然是下照台了(音譯)!
自信滿滿 眼神充滿欲望地奔向海邊的勝利。

▶賢重,和夢中描繪的那個女人 相遇了◀

太陽徐徐落山 夢想著初戀的那個少年 悸動了。
晚飯時間一到 突然作鳥獸狀散開的家族。
一直凝望著那個女人的 一個男人和
一直把他當做弟弟 但不知道從那個瞬間開始把他當做男人的 那個女人。


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so excited to watch family outing tomorow...hope i can open sbs tomorow..i love ur blog.aheheh btw...pls help ss501... ss501 vs suju..and suju on the lead now... in ipoll... thanks..TS fighting.. ss501 fighting!