Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are you having SS501 withdrawal syndrom?

An anonymous reader left a comment in my blog saying that she is having SS501 withdrawal syndrom. Haha! I guess most of us felt the same when this few days we have lesser news from SS501. During this free time, it actually give me more time to look at their past video clips and also read up some extra info on them. I only started to know about SS501 since few months ago, so there is actually a lot for me to catch up on them. Was browsing around and saw this new posting by Lancy@SS601. She had posted some clear Fancams of the SS501 Hongkong Fan meeting. These videos come in time to cure some withdrawal syndrom from SS501. (^.*)


Credit: Charisma! - HK DoubleS Club
Please repost with full credit

[Fancam] Hyung Joon - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Pouting

[Fancam] Young Saeng - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Gee

Shy shy Young Saeng dancing 'Gee'. His expression was so cute when dancing this song.

[Fancam] Kyu Jong - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Wuss Up

[Fancam] Jungmin - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Have you eaten?

Look at the first 3 second when he is trying to ask the fans to be quiet and lifted his fist which caused the fans to laugh. Jung Min is trying to say: "Have you eaten?" in Cantonese, but he pronounced it in the wrong tone, this is why you heard some TripleS laughing behind and repeating his pronunciation.

[Fancam] Hyun Joong - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Guitar Solo

Ji Hoo Sunbae performing his guitar solo in BOF again. Hongkong TripleS was so lucky since he didn't perform this item during the Taiwan fan meeting.

[Fancam] SS501 - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Because I am Stupid

[Fancam] SS501 - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Deja Vu

[Fancam] SS501 - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - Again

[Fancam] SS501 - 090701 HK First Fan Meeting - U R Man


quynh_perfectionist said...

oh my god!!
thank you soo much..i am having withdrawal symptoms too!!

soo good for me


mwu said...

Hi nice to meet u cagalikira.. Waa you love gundam seed ne? I really like your blog, thx 4 sharing..
Just wanna share something too.. Maybe you havent take a look for this.. This video editing is awesome!! The best! His dancing is awesome too! Really miss him during de javu glory.. Cant wait for their new song..

Found new arirang video

Mini UFO said...

Opps! You are the 2nd person that pointed me out or are you the same person?? :P

*Shy* Yes I like Gundam Seed desu ne!

Thanks for your 2 links. They are great!