Saturday, September 19, 2009

[Video] FujiTV Kan-Tame DX on BOF + SS501@Bodokan

Thank you for kim_bum_so_eun@soompi for sharing the youtube video of BOF cast in Japan@ FujiTV Kan-Tame DX. From the video, we can catch more glimpse of leader and SS501 in BOF Premium concert. Also while searching in youtube, I found another FujiTV Kan-Tame DX featuring SS501 concert in Bodukan and also when they were recording the Theme song for KAC, thanks to youtube uploader Lemongrass0704 for sharing this.


090918 BOF Cast in Japan@FujiTV Kan-Tame DX
(Min Ho, Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, So Eun)

Credit: meoluvdenmi@youtube

04 Sep.09 SS501 in Persona Japan & Recording KAC theme song@Fuji TV『KAN TAME(韓タメ!)DX』

Credit: Lemongrass0704@youtube

If those 2 videos could not reduce your missing of leader, here's one more old video from the 1st promotion of 'Boy over flowers'.

20090506 BOF Fanmeeting on FUJI TV KANTAME!DX [Kim Hyun Joong]
Credit: KoreanAein@youtube

The end.... no more..... hurr..... not enough.... you miss him more (~~~>.<~~~) I also miss him..... Let me search for more okay..... Oh..... found.... Mariposa28 shared 2 nice pictures of Leader in Soompi. Thanks Mariposa28, you are so sweet..... :)

Credit: as tagged + baidu + Mariposa28@Soompi
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Anonymous said...

i'm suffering from SS501 withdrawal systom....

kanojokhj said...

I miss him too.

I wake up every day hopping to watch him in somewhere, but he isn't ...

However, I love him so much and I am going to wait for his come back:)

Kim Hyun Joong Oppa Fighting !!!